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How to Get Past Bees in Sneaky Sasquatch

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you know that we have written some other posts about Sneaky Sasquatch. Today we are going to cover another topic that often comes up – how to get past bees in Sneaky Sasquatch. So let’s see how we can get past those bees and solve a problem that a lot of people have with this game.

Where to Find the Beehive

You have to find all the pieces of the map so that you can repair your torn map. One of the pieces that you will find is lying close to a beehive. Unfortunately, those bees seem like they’re very busy and they’re not going to allow you nearby.

If you have trouble locating the beehive, go towards the park’s center and then go south. You are going to reach the huge lake in the park, and close to the entrance, you’ll see a tree with a beehive hanging on it.

Beehive sneaky sasquatch

How to Get Past Bees in Sneaky Sasquatch

You are going to need to find a way to deal with the bees beforehand. The good news is there’s a bear that sits close just a bit to the beehive’s east.

Speak with the bear. He’ll say he’ll help you as long as you give him fish. Take the fishing pole and then go back to the lake. Catch anything that you see. It’s not necessary to bring the bear a certain fish, he’ll be happy with any of them.

After you have caught the fish, speak with the bear once again and then give him the fish. He’s going to keep his promise and begin swiping at the hive so that the bees are distracted. This means you’ll have enough time to get your map piece.

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