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How To Get Poison Tail (TM026) in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Poison Tail is a Poison-type ability in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet that can be unlocked with TM 026. It launches an attack with a higher chance of causing critical damage and poisoning the target.

This move is highly effective against Fairy-type Pokémon like Jigglypuff or Kirlia and Grass-type foes like Sunflora or Lilligant. Grafaiai, Salazzale, and Skuntank are just a few of the 18 distinct Poison-type pocket monsters trainers may teach Poison Tail.

TM 026 may be unlocked in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet through exploration or a particular Trainer fight, giving players various ways to do so.

TMLocation (Region)Ingredients
Poison Tail (TM026)Artazon, in East Province (Area One)• 800 League Points (LP)
• 3 Seviper Fang
• 3 Shroodle Ink

Where to Find Poison Tail (TM026)

The hedge labyrinth in Artazon, found in East Province, is one of the simplest places to get the Poison Tail TM in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. On the town’s northern edge, there is a maze that may be found. The TM is located on the northernmost corner after making one left turn, and three right turns after entering.

Where to Find Poison Tail (TM026)
Where to Find Poison Tail (TM026)

How to Craft Poison Tail (TM026)

In Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, players will need these ingredients to craft the Poison Tail TM 026:

  • 800 League Points (LP)
  • 3 Seviper Fang
  • 3 Shroodle Ink

Players need these components to construct the Poison Tail TM in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, but players must also find the recipe first. To craft Poison Tail, players must either defeat the Team Star Dark Crew or use the TM to get an Ultra Ball. The Dalizapa Passage’s center, south of the Pokécenter, is where players find this TM. 

As soon as players possess Poison Tail, players may begin making it to the TM Machine with the required ingredients. All players must do is beat a few trainers from time to time, and 800 League Points (LP) will be players in no time. Selling players other Pokémon items at the TM Machine is another simple way to get League Points (LP).

The only difficulty players could encounter is getting three Shroodle Ink and Seviper Fangs. To earn these things, however, just one to three Shroodles and Sevipers (or Grafaiais) must be defeated to receive three of their special equipment.

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Which Pokémon Can Learn Poison Tail (TM026)

Here is a list of Pokémon that Poison Tail (TM026) can be used on:

  • Paldean Wooper
  • Stunky
  • Dudunsparce
  • Toxtricity (Low Key Form)
  • Dunsparce
  • Seviper
  • Skrelp
  • Sandaconda
  • Salandit
  • Qwilfish
  • Grafaiai
  • Clodsire
  • Toxtricity (Amped Form)
  • Dragalge
  • Skuntank
  • Salazzle
  • Goodra
  • Silicobra

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