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How to Get Toothpaste in Merge Mansion

This article provides detailed explanations about How to Get Toothpaste in Merge Mansion.

What is Toothpaste in Merge Mansion?

Toothpaste is a drop item in Merge Mansion. Toothpaste is the Level One item that players receive when they find detergent, and it is an essential item that players can merge to produce soap. Players can sell Toothpaste for one coin.

Players will need to spawn several items to gather cleaning tools to complete cleaning tasks. Since Toothpaste drops faster than other items, players can sell them to purchase other items they may need. Having a lot of Toothpaste is also beneficial to players as they can merge them to produce soap and other detergent items of higher level.

How to Unlock The Toothpaste in Merge Mansion?

The process of unlocking Toothpaste in Merge Mansion is simple. Players can find Toothpaste in the following places:

  1. Broom Cabinet that contains Bolts and Screws.
  2. Red Box.
  3. Players can purchase Toothpaste from the shop.
  4. Daily task boxes.

…unlocking Toothpaste faster can help players finish cleaning tasks quickly. However, most players find it hard to find Toothpaste when they need it badly. This is because the Broom Cabinet contains other items, such as Towels are also necessary for completing cleaning tasks, but the Drop Rate for Toothpaste is less unlike that of Towels. 

One tip to pay attention to while playing Merge Mansion is that the algorithm prepares you for tasks ahead by providing some items you will need to complete future tasks. So, anytime players find more Toothpaste than they need, they must keep some of the Toothpaste available for possible use in the future.

Purchasing Toothpaste from the shop is another option players can explore to avoid setbacks during the Broom Cabinet’s long recharge time. This is also another reason why players should always keep Toothpaste readily available. 

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