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How to Get Your Driver’s License in Sneaky Sasquatch (A, B, C, S)

An important thing to do in Sneaky Sasquatch as soon as possible is to get your Driver’s license. Not only does it let you get around much faster, but it opens a world of opportunities.  But you may not know how to get your driver’s license in Sneaky Sasquatch. That is why we have created this walkthrough.

Where to Get Driver’s License Sneaky Sasquatch

Players can get the Driver’s License in the Licensing Center to the east of Town. Starting from the Town, you head east out of town until you reach a road going north and south. Keep going north on that road, and you will reach the Licensing Center. It will be located next to the Car Dealership or Garage.

What Does a Driver’s License Do?

Before we go into how to get one, we’ll give you some benefits of having a license in the game.

  • Can get a bank account.
  • Can compete in races,
  • Can get a job.
  • Can get around a lot faster.

How to Get a Driver’s License

To get your license, you must get a ticket. Then you want your number to be called. Finally, you speak with the Driving Instructor. Then you will be taken for your driving test. Every test means you drive once around the track that’s been marked using traffic cones. If you hit one of the cones, you fail immediately.


Test C

License Test C
License Test C

This is the simplest Driver’s License test you will take. All you need is a car. There are no requirements to complete the test, and you get unlimited time to pass it. You just can’t hit any of the cones because that will automatically fail you. It’s good practice for the coming tests.

Test B

License Test B
License Test B

In the next Driver’s License test, it gets more difficult. For this test, you will need to drive the upgraded golf cart, and you will need to pass the License C exam. You will have 22 seconds to pass this test, and again, you must avoid hitting the cones.

Test A

License Test A
License Test A

The test for License A is exciting because, in this one, you get to take the test driving a Sports Car. You need to have License B, and you receive 24 seconds to drive it while avoiding those nasty cones.

Test D

In this test, you are also driving a sports car. However, the instructor wants to see how you do in inclement weather, so you’ll be driving in the rain. You receive 30 seconds to complete the test and have a drift point target of 5,000. Turn hard and drive fast, and you’ll create long slides.

Test S

License Test S
License Test S

This is your final general Driver’s License test. You will be driving a sports car, and you need License A to take this exam. You will be given 32 seconds to take it, and once again, you have to avoid hitting the cones so you don’t fail.

Test for Taxi License

Ready to become a Taxi Driver? Then this is the test you must pass. You’ll be taking it in a pickup truck, and it requires a Taxi Permit. You can get it at Town Hall. There is no time limit. Stop completely when dropping off and picking up passengers. You also don’t want to drift because you’ll receive a negative rating.

Now you know how to get the different licenses in Sneaky Sasquatch. We hope this walkthrough was helpful to you and that you’ll continue returning to our site. We have many more blogs and tips that we’ll be posting about your favorite games.

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