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Where is the Garage in Sneaky Sasquatch? Car Dealership

As a player in Sneaky Sasquatch, eventually, you will have a vehicle. Having a vehicle means that you will need a garage to have work done to it. But where is the garage in Sneaky Sasquatch? We are going to look at the answer to this question as well as give you more information.

Where Is the Garage in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Garage location Sneaky Sasquatch
Garage Location

To find the garage, first, you have to get to the Race Track because that is where it’s located. Head north out of the campground and keep on going, and eventually, you will see it. This area contains a lot of useful things for your Sasquatch, so chances are you will come back often.

Here is what you will see when you get to this area, starting from the right and going left.

You will find the home of the driving instructor to the rear of the racing office. This is where you can sleep as well as travel with help of the Map. But only once you have rebuilt it with the help of the handy Construction Duck. You also can challenge the Racing Professional to get a Treasure Map piece. Finally, there’s a racer who will award you a Racing Outfit when you win all the races.

What Can be Upgraded at the Garage?

The Race Track’s mechanic can upgrade your car as well as some of the bikes. It’s free to recolor your vehicle. You can recolor your bicycle, but you can’t upgrade it. You can recolor your Dirt Bike here. however, it can’t be upgraded here. You also can recolor your forklift here. However, it comes to you fully upgraded.

Type of Car1st Upgrade2nd Upgrade
Golf Cart50 coins750 coins
Car100 coins250 coins
Pickup Truck150 coins500 coins
Sports Car200 Coins500 Coins
Taxi250 Coins500 Coins
Go Kart250 Coins1,000 Coins
4×4500 Coins1,500 Coins
Delivery Van750 Coins2,000 Coins
Spagooter1,000 Coins2,000 Coins
Super Car1,000 Coins2,000 Coins
Motorcycle1,000 Coins2,500 Coins
Police Car1,000 Coins3,000 Coins
Chopper3,500 Coins5,000 Coins
Sport Bike10,000 Coins20,000 Coins

Now you know how to get to the garage in Sneaky Sasquatch and what you can upgrade there, as well as the cost. We hope that you found this to be useful and that you will keep coming back to our website. We have a lot more helpful tips and tricks planned for you, so stay tuned!

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