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How to Increase Liberty in Tropico 6

In Tropico 6, citizens having too low liberty comes with many downsides; protests, citizens leaving Tropico, and voting against El Presidente. This guide explains how to increase liberty in Tropico 6.

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The best way of increasing liberty is through Libraries. Initially, the Library won’t raise liberty on its own. However, by switching the work mode to Uncensored Portfolio, the building will begin emitting 15 liberty. Taking this into account, make sure to always place a few Libraries, set to Uncensored Portfolio, around your residential district.

The only real issue with the Library is it doesn’t show where it’ll be increasing liberty. For instance, other building’s have a blue circle surrounding them when you place them. This represents where the building is affecting. The Library doesn’t show this.

Library building in Tropico 6 to increase liberty


Newspapers are cheaper alternatives to Libraries, working very similar to them. Unlike Libraries, Newspapers can be used during the Colonial Era. In contrast, players have to wait until the World Wars Era to research the upgraded Library. When newspapers are first being placed, they’ll have a large blue circle surrounding them. This represents what areas will be affected. In this case, residential buildings will experience increased liberty.

Newspaper in Tropico 6

Radio Station

The Radio Station broadcasts propaganda, resulting in a higher liberty for the surrounding area.

Radio Stations are alternatives to Libraries or Newspapers. With the primary difference being whom they affect. With Libraries and Newspapers, only residential buildings are affected. Meanwhile, with Radio Stations, workers are affected.

Radio Station Increase Liberty Tropico 6

TV Station

The TV station acts identically to the Radio Station, with one exception — while the Radio Station only affects workplaces (industrial buildings, agricultural buildings and whatnot) , the TV Station affects any citizens living nearby.

The TV Station is especially effective on children and retired people, drastically raising their liberty. So, make sure to place one nearby your high schools and entertainment buildings. Unfortunately, TV Stations can only be built in the Cold War Era.

Radio Station in Tropico 6

Right to Arms Edict

The Right to Arms edict can be researched during the World Wars Era, and costs $2500. It increases liberty by 20.

Unlike the Libraries, Newspapers and Radio Stations, the Right to Arms edict comes with a downside; it decreases crime safety by 5. Depending on your circumstance, this may be manageable. But we’d still suggest you stick with Libraries.

Right to Arms Edict Tropico 6

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower World Wonder behaves as an island-wide antenna. Thus, all you’ll have to do is place a single Radio Station and TV Station next to it, and all your citizens will gain the effects. Making this building the single-most effective tool for increasing liberty on your island.

How to Get the Eiffel Tower in Tropico 6

To first be able to construct the Eiffel Tower, you’ll first have to build a Commando Garrison. This will allow you to go about doing heists and raids. Unfortunately, it is only available once you’ve hit the World Wars Era. Next, you’ll want to perform one of the available heists — one of which, will be the Eiffel Tower. This task will take a while complete, so be prepared to wait a year or two.

Once it is done, you’ll be able to build the Eiffel Tower in the World Wonders tab under the Construction button. And, it’ll be costing you $12500.


There are many ways to increase liberty in Tropico 6; Library, Newspapers, Radio Station, TV Station, Right to Arms Edict and the Eiffel Tower. Of these buildings, what you’ll be able to build is based on your circumstance. Depending on which Era you’re in. However, (other than the Eiffel Tower), the fanbase has come to the conclusion that Libraries (with the Uncensored Portfolio work mode) are the most effective way of increasing your citizens liberty.

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