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How to Make Oxygen in Oxygen Not Included (Early to Mid-Game)

Oxygen in Oxygen Not Included is one of the most important parts of the game; without it, everything falls apart. This Video Game Guide will cover how to make Oxygen in Oxygen Not Included. Now, let’s talk about oxygen gas and how to produce it!

What Builds Oxygen in Oxygen Not Included?

TL;DR: Oxygen is essential in Oxygen Not Included (hence the game’s name). There are two primary ways to make Oxygen: with Algae and Water. Algae is easy to collect, and Water requires more components. Both need electricity.

How to Make Oxygen in Oxygen Not Included

There are two primary ways to make Oxygen in Oxygen Not Included; both use up valuable resources:

Note: both of these will require electricity.

How to Make Oxygen With an Algae Deoxidizer

This method will be available to you very early in the game — and won’t require any research. To start generating oxygen, you will first need to collect some Algae. This can be done fairly easily — as Algae can be found all around the map; it’s a solid green color. To extract it, simply assign your duplicants to mine it.

Once you have gathered some Algae, you will want to build an ALGAE DEOXIDIZER — which can be found in the oxygen tab. If you don’t have any source of electricity, you will need to build a manual power generator to power the Algae Deoxidizer — the Manuel Power Generator can be found in the power tab.

And that is it — you should now be producing oxygen in oxygen not included — we suggest that you build a battery too. All you have to do is connect the manual generator with the Algae Deoxidizer, are your duplicants will start delivering algae automatically.

How to Make Oxygen With an Electrolyzer

This method will require a few components — electrolysis, water pump, and much more; as a result, is more of a mid-game method. Also, it is fairly risky, as the setup pumps out hydrogen;

You can copy the setup below (using this image).

oxygen not included oxygen setup

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