How to Rebirth in Dunking Simulator

Not everyone is born to be a 7’2 basketball player that shatters the rim every time they dunk. However, games have always been about going beyond the constraints of reality and making the impossible possible. And now, players can push further beyond these boundaries by knowing how to rebirth in Dunking Simulator.

Given the benefits of rebirth, players utilize the feature to progress through the game. However, information on this feature is still being determined. We dug deep to properly guide you on how to make the most of this fantastic feature in the game. Keep reading to find out.

What is Rebirth in Dunking Simulator?

Rebirth in Dunking Simulator is a purchasable feature that grants players benefits and access to restricted areas in exchange for their Stats, Money, Balls, Jersey, and Animation levels, except for the ones bought with Robux. 

The first rebirth you buy gives you access to the space area behind the astronaut NPC and an extra slot for upgrading your stats. Subsequently, buying a rebirth will provide you with a money multiplier and +1 on all stats. The money multiplier increases depending on the number of rebirths you’ve purchased. Two rebirths will give a 2X multiplier. Three rebirths will give a 3X multiplier, and so forth.

How To Rebirth 

Knowing how to rebirth and understanding what needs to be done to qualify for rebirthing is crucial to enjoying the benefits of this feature. To rebirth, a player has to do the following;

  1. Meet the astronaut NPC at the right side of the court. The astronaut will be standing in front of the sliding door leading to the space area.
  2. On interaction with the astronaut, a window will pop up. The window contains information on the amount required to rebirth, and what you will give in exchange for the rebirth, and the reward(s) you will get after the rebirth.
  3. Grind the game to get the needed amount for the rebirth 

…money is the only item needed to undergo the rebirth process, and players can experience rebirth up to 10 times, with each rebirth giving a higher reward each time. The price for the rebirth will range from $50M to $381.4B.

astronaut NPC at the right side of the court

Tips for Optimizing your Rebirth in Dunking Simulator 

The amount of money required and the number of hours needed to afford a rebirth might be overwhelming for some players. If you’re that player, you will need all the help you can get, especially if you’re going to get that 10th rebirth. Here are the essential tips you should know:

  1. Level up all your stats to the maximum. Your stats include your accuracy, focus, range, and speed. Upgrading these stats is important if you’re going to get the perfect dunk and earn cash each time.
  2. No two balls are the same. Players can purchase a ball in the ball shop based on its cool-down time and cash multiplier. A low cool-down time means you can dunk many more times in a given period, and a high cash multiplier means you can get more money each time you dunk.
  3. Your next stop should be the jersey shop. Jerseys have a cash multiplier and a style multiplier. However, your focus will be on the cash multiplier. The higher it is, the more money you will get.
  4. Make a pit stop at the shoe shop. Shoes, like balls and jerseys, have a cash multiplier. Upgrade your shoes to ones with a higher cash multiplier. Players can find the shoe shop in areas like the beach area.
  5. Avoid spending Robux on just any ball or jersey at this stage. Instead, use the Robux to purchase precious items, as items purchased with Robux won’t be lost during rebirth.
  6. Dunk full court if you can. If you can’t make it, aim for 100% in the gauge bar while dunking.
  7. Participate in a dunk contest to win prizes that will help speed up your progress.
  8. When you get the money needed for your first rebirth, undergo the process and unlock the space area. Players can find higher-level balls and jerseys in the space area in their respective sections. Aim to purchase the highest level of each item 

…even with the tips, some players won’t do the work. If you’re “that guy/girl,” codes have been made available to help you speed up your journey to your first or next rebirth. Some active codes to get quick money include:

  1. GIVEMEMORE – 250,000 money 
  2. HIGHER1M – 1,000,000 money
  3. MOREDUNKS10K – 10,000 money 
  4. 10KFLIER – 10,000 money 

…codes deactivate after a while, so it’s wise to grab them while they are still hot.

What to Expect after Rebirthing in Dunking Simulator

After rebirthing, your character is broken into many pieces and loses all their Stats, Money, Balls, Jersey, and Animation levels. Only purchases made with Robux are left untouched. 

Of course, in exchange for their loss, players are rewarded with a higher base multiplier, access to new areas, +1 to all their stats, and a feeling of accomplishment. Unlike other simulator games, the dunking simulator will leave you reaching for higher goals each time.

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