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How to Surf in Sneaky Sasquatch

There are many fun things that you can do with your Sasquatch in Sneaky Sasquatch. Among the most exciting things that the Sasquatch can do is surf. Are you interested in knowing how to surf in Sneaky Sasquatch? You will want to read on because we will tell you this and much more!

How to Get a Surfboard

Before the Sasquatch can head out and catch some waves, he’ll need to go to the Island Shop and purchase a surfboard. Then he must go to the Surf Shack and speak with the Surf Event Coordinator. This can be found in the Island’s southwest corner.

Island Shop
Island Shop

How to Surf

Here are the things you need to do when surfing:

  • Go up by pressing your screen on the left. Doing this turns your board counterclockwise in the air.
  • Go down by pressing your screen on the right. Doing this turns your board clockwise when in the air.

When starting, you want to do a fast series of downs and ups on the face of the wave to go faster. If the wave’s catching up with you, keep doing this. Jumping above the wave and spinning will give you points, as well as spending a long time in the air and traveling a long distance.

It would be best if you landed at practically the same angle you launched to land well. This usually means your surfboard’s nose is facing forward and downward at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. A good landing will double the points received for a jump. To get a good score, concentrate on your landings. Landing backward or going far down will cause a crash.

Sneaky Sasquatch Surfing Upgrades

Surf Upgrades
Surf Upgrades

When upgrading your surfboard, go to the Surf Shack and speak with the Surfboard Shaper. You’ll need reputation points for upgrading your board, which are obtained when you defeat the famous surfers on the Island. She can do it for you if you want to change your board’s color.

These are the things that you can change on your board and how they affect your board:

  • Speed: Increases your time before a crashing wave overtakes you.
  • Handling: This increases your turning speed and lowers the chance of falling off after a bad landing.
  • Weight: Increase your jumps’ height.

Where Are the 9 Surfers in Sneaky Sasquatch

There are nine surfers that you must beat, in the order below, to increase your reputation:

CompetitorWhere They Are From
SurferSurf Shack
Surf Shop ManagerIsland Shop
BeachgoerNorthern Beach
Taco ChefTaco Truck
Another SurferSurf Shack
Information ClerkVisitor Center
Another BeachgoerNorthern Beach
Boating InstructorIsland Boat Club
9 Surfers

Surfing Events

Besides giving you coins, winning the surfing events helps you greatly. If you’re victorious in every event, you can sleep at the Surf Shack and use the Ocean Map to travel there. Below are the prizes for the different leagues and the top places if you are one of the winners.

Beginner1st200 plus 150 coins
 2nd50 coins
 3rd25 Coins
Casual1st300 plus 150 coins
 2nd75 coins
 3rd50 coins
Challenge1st400 plus 200 coins
 2nd100 coins
 3rd50 coins
Expert1st500 plus 250 coins
 2nd150 coins
 3rd100 coins

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog on how to surf in Sneaky Sasquatch. We know you probably have many questions about this game, so keep returning to our website because we’ll add more. Have a great day!

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