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How to Turn on Assist Mode in Celeste?

The Celeste Assist Mode makes it easy to customize the rules of the game to your requirements. The Celeste is a multi-platform game in which players guide a little girl, Madeline.

She climbs a mountain while avoiding numerous dangerous hazards. Madeline can jump and climb up walls quickly, and she can also perform an eight-direction mid-air sprint.

Celeste is an amazing game, and Assist Mode can help you enhance your experience.

How To Turn on Assist Mode in Celeste?

Celeste Assist Mode is a unique feature that can be toggled at any time. To begin, save and quit the game. On the screen where players choose their game file, there is an option to enable Assist Mode. Assist Mode’s effects will automatically apply the next time you open the game.

In-game, there is a menu that allows players to customize the game mechanics to fit their preferences. However, the accessibility option is for those with impairments who cannot play the game regularly.

What Does Assist Mode in Celeste Do?

Assist Mode Celeste

The Celeste Assist Mode makes it easy to customize the game’s rules according to your personal needs. Similarly, this Assist Mode includes features like slowing down the game, getting invincibility or limitless stamina, and skipping entire sections.

Celeste’s design is both challenging and enjoyable. However, if you cannot use enjoy the default mode due to its difficulty level, you can enjoy the Assist Mode for more lenient gameplay.

Game Speed

Celeste Assist Mode allows the user to reduce the game’s speed by multiples of 10 and down to 50%. Slowing down the game offers extra time for players to respond to different situations. This makes most obstacles considerably simpler to dodge. Lowering the game’s refresh rate can also impact the game’s physics.

This slower speed causes slight inconvenience, as the game is designed to run at 60 frames per second. As a result, some parts, such as the last chamber of 7C, may change somewhat from usual.

Dash Assist

Users can use dash assist to freeze the game. It’s great for practicing dash mechanics and increasing dash precision. It also allows the user to change the direction of the dash.


The Celeste Assist Mode protects the player from all barriers and risks, allowing the player to pass dangerous obstacles easily. For instance, a bottomless hole will bounce Madeline over the screen’s edge, and holding the jump button will make her bounce even higher than before. If a moving block crushes a player, the block turns translucent until the player gets out of the path.

Infinite Stamina

The Celeste Assist Mode allows players to run without slowing down because they have limitless stamina. Moreover, this can help players overcome challenging climbing problems.

Assist Skip

When the player is on the chapter selection screen, this option allows them to skip a chapter altogether. This option is only available in the chapter selection menu when using Assist Mode rather than the variant mode.

Celeste How to enable assist

Can you Turn Off the Celeste Assist Mode?

No, you cannot turn it off and your profile has an “assist” stamp on it. This feature lets you clear every level instantly and invalidates thirty-five hours of clearing and the symbols to prove it.


In the game, Celeste invites players to help a little girl named Madeline climb a mountain. When Madeline is in assist mode, she has access to various alternatives that expedite her progress. The Celeste Assist Mode boosts her air dashes, increases her stamina, and decreases the game’s speed for a better gameplay experience.

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