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How To Wall Jump And Parry in Dead Cells

This page contains information on how to wall jump and parry in Dead Cells

Dead Cells is one of the most talked-about dungeon games of the moment — perhaps because of its gameplay or because of how extensive the world is. In general, the video game promises a world of adventure in which you can play from your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Windows computer. However, as you navigate the map, you may feel limited and wonder if a Dead Cells Wall Jump is possible.

At first glance, when you are playing your own playthrough, it may seem that you have no escape from the waves of incoming enemies — but in reality, you do have options. You can use the wall jump feature to evade various enemy attacks, and in this dead cells wall jump guide, we will teach you how to take advantage of the wall jump feature.

Can You Wall Jump In Dead Cells?

Dead Cells Parry and Wall Jump

The quick answer is: yes, it is possible to jump on the various walls within Dead Cells. However, for you to achieve this goal, you will have to unlock some secret game modes — Dead Cells has some secrets that you will have to discover while you get to know the map.

Where Do You Get Spider Jump Rune?

To have the Dead Cells Wall Jump skill, you must unlock the Spider Rune upgrade. With this rune, you will have the permanent ability so that the character can climb up walls.

The Spider Rune is among the game’s eight improvements, such as:

  • Life
  • Customization
  • Challenger
  • Ram Teleportation
  • Explorer
  • Homunculus
  • Spider

But for you to get to the spider rune, you will have to first look for the rune to traverse floors. The game will force you to search for runes in sequence, which may seem difficult and hard — but don’t worry, we will guide you through the process.

To find this rune to go through floors, you must verify that you can teleport yourself. This ability is the one that will appear as a purple statue at the bottom left of the screen.

In your search for the RAM Rune, you must go to the Promenade of the Condemned. Once there, you’ll find an elevator, which will take you up to the Ramparts. If you keep going past this elevator, you should reach a teleportation coffin, which you can use to go to the Ossuary.

Now you are in the Ossuary; you will have to fight some enemies. If you take them out, you will want to hit the glowing ground rune. Beneath the floor, you should find the rune you are looking for.

Dead Cells How to Wall Jump

To get the wall jump and parry, you will have to explore the map, have to have the Ram Rune, and find the Spider Rune. To have this long-awaited rune, you must go to the harmful sewers located on the first level. While there, you will have to direct your character towards Ancient Sewers and fight the rival of the “Unbearable Crypt” biome.

This victory in the insufferable crypt will reward you as it will take you to the Sleeping Sanctuary’s final point. At this point, you will have to do your best to beat the Elite Boss and thus have the rune.

Although you will have to go through almost every level in Dead Cells to find the Spider Rune, all the effort is worth it. You will have a permanent piece in the game that will allow you to unlock new levels or overcome the game more easily. It would be nice to unlock these items in normal game mode to challenge your skills.

How Do You Get the Parry Shield Dead Cells? (Stop Shield

 Stop Shield Dead Cells

Now that you have the Spider rune, you can focus on other abilities, such as the Dead Cells Parry Assault Shield. This shield is very useful within the game, as it allows you to attack from a distance, which helps fight the strongest opponents.

You will have to explore the Dead Cells world up to Stilt Village to get the Assault Shield. You will have to use your newfound spider rune to get the shield.

Some Dead Cells players parry without a shield, but this is risky. Although you will not have a shield to protect you at the beginning of the game, you will soon learn that it is crucial in the later game.

With this shield, you should be able to defeat and parry Bosses without problems, giving you a better experience in the game.

Dead Cells Parry: An Amazing Dungeon Game

The story of Dead Cells centers around a corrupt prison king who has cast a curse on the prison.

A mad scientist (also the strongest prisoner) made the different dead beings on the island come to life. But, the mad scientist was also affected by the curse, which gave him immortality until he could break it — which meant he could never die.

Dead Cells tells the player that he must pass one level after another, defeat the evil beings and free the main character from the curse — the game’s theme is basic yet addictive!


Dead Cells is a video game with quite an extensive world and features various hidden abilities you can obtain. This dead cells wall jump guide will help you unlock a skill to help you complete the game more easily. Even this ability to climb walls also helps you unlock the parry shield that makes combat easier.

This guide taught you the process of searching for runes and assault stop shields in Dead Cells.

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