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How to Use Bayonets in Project Zomboid

This article provides essential information about Project Zomboid Bayonet.

Playing Project Zomboid with a Bayonet can help players to survive longer and evade tricky Zombie attacks in the apocalypse. Most Project Zomboid players focus on gathering the best firearms and weapons. During emergencies, however, having an attachment like a Bayonet can be their only chance to obliterate bloodthirsty zombies as they live to fight another day.

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Project Zomboid is an exciting adventure, and it ranks amongst the top Zombie survival games due to the addition of multiplayer features. These multiplayer features contribute to the growth of Project Zomboid player communities everywhere online. Project Zomboid developers are also elevating gaming experiences by adding numerous new firearms, weapons, and attachments that give players more leverage while fending off zombie attacks.

Why Should Players Use Bayonets in Project Zomboid? 

Zombie attacks in Project Zomboid are usually intense. When zombie hordes attack players, the chance for players to save themselves depends mainly on the type of ammunition and the amount of ammunition in their possession. If players do not use efficient weapons to dispose of zombies, they may not stand any chance of survival.

One of the most efficient weapons for defeating Zombies in Project Zomboid is Bayonet. A Bayonet can be a knife, a dagger, a sword, a spike, or any other sharp-cut object attached to a gun. When fixed to a rifle, the Bayonet becomes a spear, with the rifle functioning as the handle. 

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The Bayonet plus rifle combination is an excellent close contact and a perfect last resort weapon. It can help players escape difficult situations, especially when they run out of ammunition or when the zombies are closing down on players rapidly. Handling a Bayonet in Project Zomboid can be undoubtedly tricky. Players must learn how to use the Bayonet to develop outstanding zombie-elimination skills.

Players can attach a Bayonet to their gun in Project Zomboid by following these steps:

  1. Start by picking a firearm that is compatible with a Bayonet. Players should note that not all guns have a compartment for Bayonets, and they can modify only a few ammunition to make them suitable for the attachment of a Bayonet. 
  2. Right-click on the equipped firearm, flick through the options available, and select the option to attach a Bayonet. 

Players can use the Bayonet in several ways. They include:

  1. Attacking zombies by staying within melee distance and close to the Zombie. A player can then push zombies away with the Bayonet. The Space Bar button works for this purpose by default. The player can go closer to the Zombie to inflict more attacks.
  2. Players can use the Bayonet to stab Zombies by following simple steps. With the mouse, hover over the gun in the action bar at the base of the screen. Then right-click to change the gun’s mode to “melee mode.” Finally, left-click to stab the advancing Zombie.
  3. Players can use the Bayonet to inflict severe injuries on the zombies by targeting vital points such as the eye socket, jawbone, and other soft parts.

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