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Random Dice: Best PvP Decks

This Random Dice: Best PvP Deck guide will teach you everything you need to know about the strongest decks. By the end, you should know how to easily win PvP matches.

How Does Random Dice PvP Work?

Random Dice PvP works by pairing you with an opponent you must outlast. At the end of each round, both players fight a Boss randomly chosen at the start of the match. If the boss reaches the end still alive you lose, and vice versa. Once the game has finished, the end screen will appear, displaying the victor and loser.

How Do You Win PvP in Random Dice?

To win PvP matches in Random Dice, you must first make an effective deck. Players that open Card Chests have a chance of receiving custom dice as a reward — which players can then use during PvP by adding them to their decks. Each die has its respective PROs and CONs, but some are better than others. 

What is the Strongest Deck in Random Dice?

There is no single strongest deck in Random Dice. Instead, the community has recognized two decks as the best — depending on your playstyle. Decks are categorized into two categories; offensive and defensive. Nonetheless, a few decks are commonly used by high-leveled players, such as Nuke Hellphoon and SCOPEBO (we cover these below).

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Best PvP Decks in Random Dice

Here are all the best PvP decks in Random Dice, which have an impressive track record:

Nuke Hellphoon

The premise behind the Nuke Hellphoon deck is to contain less deadly enemies while using the nuke ability against bosses when needed. The community expresses the deck’s overpowered nature by dubbing it the best deck available. If you’re looking to create the Nuke Hellphoon, it’s made up of the Nuke, Typhoon, Joker, Mimic, and Hell (Blessings or Fifth Voyage).


Another deck that has been recognized as effective is SCOPEBO. Mainly a defensive build, its goal is to outlast the enemy using dice with high DPS (damage per second). This is done by combining Mimic die, which is done because (once upgraded) it can hit multiple enemies at a given time. To use this deck, pick the Combo, Joker, Summon, Mimic, and Scope (Blessings or Fifth voyage) dice.


Recognized as an easy deck to build, the YinYang deck is suggested for beginners. This deck revolves around one die, the Yin Yang, and its Harmony ability — dealing significant damage. Another die, the Switch, is used to achieve a good location. This deck contains the dice: Yin Yang, Switch, Joker, Royal, and Supplement (Pantheon or Club Violet or Blessings).

Solar Lunar Variants

Although it can be easily countered, the Solar Lunar Variants remain among the strongest decks. Most of this strategy’s damage will come from the Solar and Lunar dice. Besides this, the strategy is relatively straightforward. You must choose the Solar, Lunar, Growth, and Joker dice to play this deck.

What You Need For PvP Decks

You will undoubtedly need legendaries to build an effective PvP Random Dice deck. As all the Top 100 players use them, at this point, it’s almost a requirement if you’re looking to win. Although beginners can get away with common cards, this is no longer the case as you progress. Luckily, players have found many methods for unlocking legendaries quickly.

What Are the Chances of Getting a Legendary Dice in Random Dice?

What Are the Chances of Getting a Legendary Dice in Random Dice?

The primary method for getting Legendary Dice in Random Dice is opening Card Chests. There is about a 1% chance of the prize being legendary in these — that’s pretty low. But don’t worry, there are other (more efficient) ways. You’ll want to grind alliances for money. With this, buy all the chests which appear in the shop. Read more…

How Many Main Quests Are in Random Dice?

Players have 17 quests they must complete in Random Dice, which have different rewards — like gold, random die, or chests. Besides these main quests, players are tasked with daily missions, which also have bonuses for those who complete them. Typical objectives are defeating bosses or opening chests.

How Many Main Quests Are in Random Dice?

This guide explained everything about the best PvP decks in Random Dice and answered many other similar questions.

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