[NEW] Shell Shockers Codes List

This guide will identify Shell Shockers codes that work, along with other methods that give items, hats, and skins.

Where Do You Put The Shell Shocker Code? (Redeem Shell Shockers Codes)

To redeem codes in Shell Shockers is simple and easy — it only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve found some, follow these steps to redeem Shell Shockers promo codes to claim the reward:

  1. Open
  2. From the main menu, click on the inventory.
  3. Below the color selection, click on the Redeem Code button.
  4. Enter a promo code. 
  5. Click OK.

Active Shell Shockers Codes

This section will look at active Shell Shockers codes…

Shell Shockers Promo Codes

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  1. Shell Shockers Codes for Skins and Eggs
  2. Shell Shockers Codes for Guns
  3. Shell Shockers Codes for Items
  4. Shell Shockers Codes for Hats

Shell Shockers Codes for Skins and Eggs

Unfortunately, there are no Shell Shockers codes for skins at this time. If you’re looking for skins, go to the shop and click on the tab marked with the egg with a smiley face icon. Here, you can use eggs that have been gained while playing to buy skins for your character.

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Shell Shockers Codes for Guns

Likewise, there are no Shell Shockers codes for guns available. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many functional codes right now.

Shell Shockers Codes for Items

An available Shell Shockers code for items is:

  • 5831 — Redeem this code to view how EGG ORG was defeated.

Once the code above has been entered, a comic will appear, which shows how EGG ORG was defeated.

Shell Shockers Codes for Items

Shell Shockers Codes for Hats

The last known active code is:

  • 3MIE3441J66 — Redeem this code for the Chain Hat.

This code will unlock the Chain Hat, which will give your character a nice look.

How to Get a Free Hat

Alternatively, Blue Wizard Digital (the developers of Shell Shockers) has offered players a free hat. In exchange, they must follow the Shell Shockers Facebook page, which can be found at the bottom left of the main menu.

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Once you’ve successfully followed @bluewizarddigital, you will receive a popup in Shell Shockers that says Eggcellent!!! and below will be the option to claim your free Book Hat

How to Get an Eggsploding Smartphone Grenade Skin

A recent Shell Shockers event has allowed players to receive an Eggsploding Smartphone Grenade Skin by downloading the mobile version of Shell Shockers. 

All you’ve got to do for the App Store on iOS is search “Shell Shockers” in the search bar and sign in to your account. However, Android users are out of luck. Unfortunately, Shell Shockers has yet to be released on the Google Play Store, so they aren’t able to get the Eggsploding Smartphone Grenade Skin yet. 

Where to Find New Shell Shockers Codes

If you’re going to find promo codes for Shell Shockers anywhere, it will be on the developer’s Facebook page; Blue Wizard Digital or @bluewizarddigital. Here, they regularly post information about new updates or, on occasion, new codes.

Shell Shockers Expired Codes

Here is a list of expired shockers codes that no longer work:

  • CHEESY PEAS — Redeem this code for faster firepower.
  • RATTY RAT RATTY — Redeem this code for invincibility.
  • freedelivery — Redeem this code for more weapons.
  • noescape — Redeem this code to enable God Mode.
  • norealguns — Redeem this code for infinite ammo.
  • inapurplehaze — Redeem this code to enter psychedelic mode.
  • kensentme — Redeem this code to open all the missions and the gallery.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading our guide explaining Shell Shocker codes. 

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