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Star Trek Fleet Command: 3 Star Explorer Part

This article will give players an understanding of the Star Trek Fleet Command 3 Explorer parts

What Are Star Explorer Parts in Star Trek Fleet Command 3?

Explorer parts can be used to upgrade a player’s ship (all FTSC ships). They come in grades (1, 2, 3, and 4), and an explorer part can require a corresponding grade for an upgrade on a ship. For example, a 3-Star ship will require a grade 3 part, and so on. Not all ships follow this pattern; some higher-grade ships may require lower-grade explorer parts. 

The explorer parts can be obtained by defeating enemies. Parts drop with increased frequency from their corresponding enemy types. So, destroying many hostiles will get you many explorer parts.

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How to Use Star Explorer Parts in Star Trek Fleet Command 3

A player can use Star Explorer parts by navigating through the upgrade resources. The Explorer parts obtained from battling ships will be in the player’s explorer resources. The parts can be selected to upgrade the player’s explorer ship by clicking the part of the ship where the upgrade is needed. Upgraded ships can be used for exploration.

You can increase the chances of getting Explorer parts by attacking Like ships. Like ships drop like parts. After defeating hostiles in level 21 and above, you get rewarded with a chest containing 3 Star parts. To combine these parts, you will need to claim the reward first. Here’s how to combine them:

  1. Tap on the inbox button located at the bottom-left corner. There you have the battle reports. A chest icon is next to the battle report.
  2. Tap on the battle report, then tap on the rewards box. 
  3. Once it opens, click on Claim to claim the chest. The chest may contain blueprints, parts, etc. 
  4. You can combine each part you get in the resource of that part. 

Best Strategies for Obtaining Star Explorer Parts in Star Trek Fleet Command 3

Start Explorer parts are higher-level ship parts, and the best way to get them is by attacking at least level 10 ships. An explorer ship drops explorer parts, so players can attack the ships to get drops. You can speed up getting these parts by completing daily missions. As you level up, attack higher-level ships and avoid getting comfortable with lower-level ones.

Upgrading Star Explorer Ships With Star Explorer Parts

Each ship in Star Trek Fleet Command has stats that can be upgraded. A player will face high-level hostiles, ships, and players’ bases as the game progresses. Hence, It’s important to increase the ship’s strength to adequately deal with such obstacles. Here’s how to upgrade your Star Explorer Ship with Star Explorer Parts:

  1. Start by clicking the base part of the ship for upgrade.
  2. On the bottom screen, tap the ship icon, then move to Upgrade.
  3. Tap on the upgrade button and level up.

…before a player can level up his ship, he will need Ship XP, and also EXP. This can be gotten by completing missions and daily events. EXP are earned from battles or mining tasks. For example, the explorer parts will be obtained from battling higher-level ships or explorer ships and can be used for ship upgrade. 

Hence, you can navigate your way through the upgrade menu, to examine the resources acquired from battle to select the best upgrade you want. Explorer Ships have exploration resources, Mining ships have mining resources, etc.

What Are the Best Ships to Use Star Explorer Parts On?

The best ship to use Star Explorer Parts on is the Jellyfish ship because of its great features and abilities. Although not the strongest ship, it has good dodging power, the ability to increase a captain’s maneuver efficiency by 15%, and a base speed of 110. 

You can get the Jellyfish ship when you unlock level 12 Space Shipyard. The USS Franklin and ISS rare vessel Jellyfish (Medusa) are other ships you can also use explorer parts on.

Are Star Explorer Parts Worth It?

Star Explorer parts are worth it as they can be used to upgrade Explorer Ships like the rare vessel Jellyfish which has interesting features and abilities. Upgraded ships can give you the edge in battles and help you get crucial victories. 

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