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Star Trek Fleet Command: Where to Find Cargo Crates

This article discusses the ways a player can find Cargo Crates in Star Trek Fleet Command. 

What are Cargo Crates in Star Trek Fleet Command

The Cargo Crates are quest items that are required in the mission “All the Devils are Here”. The Cargo Crates are used for shipping stuff. These Crates are delivered to Captain Avarr. 

Cargo Crates can be found in Star Trek Fleet Command by visiting the Jinna, Eral, or Dyrr systems. A marked planet will be found there and missions for that planet must be completed. On completion of the planetary missions, a player receives Cargo Crates as a reward. 

How to find Cargo Crates in the game

To find Cargo Crates, a player will need to start the mission of the “All the Devils are Here”, then complete the quest for the main planet of the systems found there. Follow the tips below to get to the locations where you can find Cargo Crates:

  1. At the bottom right corner, enter the following system IDs: Jinnia 76222, Dyrr 79578, Eral 72902. 
  2. Attempt to complete the quest on the marked Planets in any of those systems.

…on successful completion of the quest, you will be rewarded with Cargo Crates. Completion of quests is a major way to find Cargo Crates. You can also use the bookmarks panel to find systems. It is accessible from either the System or Galaxy view, right above the “Exterior” icon and below your Peace Shield icon if you click the ribbon icon. 

Clicking the Search Coordinates button on the Bookmarks panel will allow you to type in any system name and hit Go. To increase your chances of obtaining Cargo Crates, a player must travel to any of the three systems. 

The player will need to locate a marked planet on any of the systems; Jinna, Eral, or Dyrrand and complete the mission of that planet. Focusing on the marked planet increases your chances of obtaining Cargo Crates. 

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Best Planets to find Cargo Crates

Obtaining Cargo Crates is not a difficult task if a player can follow the mission objectives and requirements as he progresses. The best planets to find Cargo Crates in Star Trek Fleet Command are the marked Planets found in the system mission. 

These marked planets are the best for finding Cargo Crates because they are main planets that hold the Cargo Crate reward, and they release the reward when the planetary mission is completed. If you are stuck, go to those marked planets and click on them. Either the rewards will be given to you or you will be sent on another mission to get them. 

How to Use Cargo Crates

The Cargo Crates are used for shipping. As a player progresses in the game and levels up, he will need some Cargo Crates to ship items. 

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