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Where to Find the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring

This page contains information on the Fingerslayer Blade location in Elden Ring. You can find a step-by-step walkthrough on where to find the Finger Slayer below…

Where to Find the Fingerslayer Blade

Follow this walkthrough to find the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring:

The Finger Slayer Blade can be found by first travelling to the Ancestral Woods. From the Bonfire, jump across the cliff and land on the building’s roof.

Ancestral Woods in Elden Ring
Ancestral Woods

Continue walking along the roof, and jump down at the end. Upon landing, turn right and walk into the alleyway between the two buildings. Eventually, you will be notified that you have entered the Night’s Sacred Ground area.

Jump off roof next to Ancestral Woods

Behind the building, jump off another cliff to land on another building. Once landed, keep walking along the cliff and jump down at the end.

Night Sacred Ground Elden Ring
Night’s Sacred Ground

Keep running and turn right. If you turn left, there will be a building’s roof that is spiked; jump across to it.

Spiked Build for Finger Slayer Blade Location
Spiked Roof

Once landed, jump again to the building in front of you. There will be enemies (Silver Tears) here that you must fight!

Silver Tear Enemies
Silver Tear Enemies

Once the enemies have been defeated, head forward and then to the left. Continue down the narrow pathway (refer to the image below).

Building Roof Ledge

Eventually, you will have the option to turn left or jump straight down; for the Fingerslayer Blade, jump down.

Finger Slayer Blade Walkthrough

Continue walking and you will arrive at a window. Jump down from it. Once you have hit the bottom, go up the stairs to your left, continue straight, and walk down the stairs.


On the right ledge, climb down the ladder. At the bottom will be a large hall. Exit through the large doorway at the front and turn right.

Hall Building Entrance

Here, you have the option to Rest at site of grace. Once done, turn right and run through the large pillars, then run up the two sets of stairs.

Large Pillars

At the top, there will be a small building. In the middle of the room, open the coffin to obtain the Finger Slayer Blade (also known as the Sacred item of Nokron).

Fingerslayer Blade Location Elden Ring
Fingerslayer Blade Location Elden Ring

Wrap Up

This guide detailed the Finger Slayer Blade location in Elden Ring, as well as how to get the item. Making any guides for Elden Ring can be difficult; as it’s not straightforward to explain. If you have any suggestions, comment below and we will update the article.

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