Will Bees Attack You Unprovoked in Minecraft?

The Minecraft bees are famous for many reasons, like; building a bee farm or just watching them in action. So will bees attack you unprovoked in Minecraft?

The bees in Minecraft are a passive mob that gathers pollen daily, produces honey, and spawn in locations with flowers. Attacking one bee attracts retaliation from the whole hive. Let us take a deeper look into the behavior of the Minecraft bees and how they can affect your game. 


How Do Bees Work? Mechanics Explained

You can avoid getting attacked by Minecraft bees if you understand their behavior. Like the bees in real life, the Minecraft bees are neutral mobs that are not prone to unprovoked aggression. Minecraft bees attack only once and go about 22 blocks away from hives. In exceptional cases, they might move farther than that. 

They are natural pollinators and are likely to spawn in flower locations. The bees can only fly through regular doors/tame doors if you attract them with a flower. They will attack if you knock down their nest or hive. Even if you use a shield, the Minecraft bees will attack you until they cut through it. 

It’s evident from their behavior to best avoid provoking them. If you must, be careful when knocking down trees in bee biomes. Don’t kill any, either. Yes, killing one might give you respite, but it attracts the other bees to come to its defense. Also, light a fire beneath the nest when collecting honey to prevent them from attacking.


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How to Avoid Being Attacked by Bees in Minecraft

there is only one way to prevent bees attacking you when harvesting their hive in Minecraft is to avoid knocking down hives or attacking a bee. 

Listed below are other ways you can avoid attacks from bees

  1. If you need to harvest honeycombs, set a campfire beneath the hive/nest first, as this will keep them occupied while you gather the honey. 
  2. Cover the fire with a lid so you do not destroy your bee farm or endanger yourself. 
  3. If you will disturb a hive, try not to swat; bees interpret the sudden movements as a sign of danger. 
  4. Avoid being enclosed in narrow spaces like a hole with bees. So, if you see a swarm of bees entering a hole, avoid it. 

…there are situations where you want to create a bee farm, harvest honey, or a different breed of bees, and in times like this, there are precautions to take when approaching the hives. 

Here are a few guidelines to keep you safe when approaching a beehive;

  1. Carrying out your inspection at night will keep you safe because bees sleep at night and are always inside their hives. 
  2. Bees do not like rain, so they remain inside their hives while it rains. 
  3. Walk softly and don’t make any sudden erratic movements. 
  4. Remember to wear protective gear like a shield or have the best armor enhancements in case of an attack. 

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What to Do if Attacked By Bees in Minecraft

If you get caught up in an attack by bees, there are a few ways to protect yourself. The best way is to avoid the attack because bees can reduce your heart significantly, but in an unavoidable situation, here are a few things to do

  1. You can use your shield or armor enhancements to save yourself from getting too much damage from the attack. 
  2. Avoid diving into a large body of water when attacked because the bees will hover over the surface, and you get stuck or continually stung. 
  3. Avoid running into a hole or an enclosed space. 
  4. Always have your potions ready for when the attack stops; you can use them. 

…after getting attacked by the bees, some might die and retreat. For you, the player, you’ll need to regain your health. Here are a few ways to heal from bee stings:

  1. Always have a car or shelter nearby to hide in and recover.
  2. Run far from the attack site until the bees are no longer on your tail. 
  3. Make use of your potions for healing or regeneration. 
  4. Remove stingers, if there are any. 
  5. Give your player some time to rest and recover. 

The Benefits of Having Bees in Your Minecraft World

Although they are dangerous when provoked, the Minecraft bees can be of good help to your world, and here’s how: 

  1. They serve as sources of honey used to craft items like honey blocks.
  2. They attack other non-players and mobs. 
  3. Breeding bees attract up to seven experience orbs. 
  4. Bees pollinate and fertilize plants in the game. 

…the primary product of Minecraft bees is honey and honeycombs. You can use the honey and honeycombs from the Minecraft bees for a few things. Some of them are

  1. The honey bottles are used to craft honey blocks and sugar. 
  2. The honeycombs can prepare slabs, waxed copper blocks, stairs, and honeycomb blocks. 
  3. You can drink honey bottles to reduce hunger levels by three or neutralize poison’s effects. 
  4. Honey blocks produced from honey bottles can slow the enemy’s speed and prevent jumping. 

How Can You Tell if a Bee is Aggressive in Minecraft?

You can tell when a bee in Minecraft is being aggressive by taking note of the following: 

  1. when a bee is provoked their eyes will turn red and try to attack you.
  2. The sound they make when angry is different and louder than the normal buzzing or any other sound. 

Can You Tame Bees in Minecraft?

Unlike the real world, you can tame bees in Minecraft. Taming them involves locating hives and making them breed by feeding them with flowers. You can also build your bee farm in Minecraft and harvest their honey and honeycombs for different purposes in the game. 

Is It Possible to Move Bees From One Place to Another in Minecraft?

It is possible to move bees from one place to another in Minecraft. You can do this by using flowers or leads to move them around. There are two ways to move your tamed bees around, and they are:

  1. Minecraft bees are attracted to flowers; simply holding one out can lead them to your preferred destination. Using flowers attracts the bees to you, but they can get distracted by other flowers along the way. 
  2. The second way to attract bees is by making use of leads. This method is better than the first because it helps you control the bee’s movements. 

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