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Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

A dedicated student of magic and recent graduate of Magic Academy, Cream Puff Cookie dreams of becoming a famous and great wizard.This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Cream Puff Cookie.

Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

What Toppings Go On Cream Puff Cookie?

The best toppings for Cream Puff are 5 Juicy Apple Jellies to help boost her CRIT chances. Alternatively, using 5 Swift Chocolates will help boost her DMG resistance. A combination of both kinds of toppings will give her both of these benefits.

Here is a list of toppings builds for Cream Puff Cookie:

  • 5x Juicy Apple Jellies
  • 5x Swift Chocolates
  • 3x Juicy Apple Jellies + 2x Swift Chocolates
  • 3x Swift Chocolates + 2x Juicy Apple Jellies

Cream Puff Cookie Build Description

Cream Puff Cookie is a Support Class Cookie that stands at the rear of her team. Her skill is called Jellius Extremus. When activated, she will deal area damage to enemies and restore her team’s HP. This skill also makes her resistant to interrupting effects. If activated with higher CRIT, this skill will deal more DMG and heal more HP.

The Jellius Extremus skill has a 16 second cooldown time. A single hit deals 469.5% at minimum and 1166.8% DMG with higher CRIT. This skill heals 103.5% of ATK at minimum and 238.6% of ATK if the skill is activated with higher CRIT.

Here is the best Cream Puff Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

The best treasures for this team are the Grim-looking Scythe or the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll. Other good treasures for this team include the Squishy Jelly Watch and the Insignia of the Indomitable Knights treasures.

Is Cream Puff Cookie Good?

Cream Puff Cookie is a decent Support Cookie if the toppings and treasures used increase her CRIT chances, which will then allow her skill to be as effective as possible. However, due to the complications of making this setup work, many players instead have opted to use other healers to avoid spending time experimenting with toppings and treasures.

Cream Puff Cookie is an Epic Tier Cookie with an A Ranking. She is 1 of 50 Epic Cookies currently available in the game. The chance of getting her is 19.3%. However, if a player already has her, she can obtained via the Mileage Shop instead of the Gacha.


This guide looked at the best Cream Puff Cookie toppings build. If you have any questions about using Cream Puff Cookie, tell us in the comments below.

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