Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Sparkling Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

This Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide will cover the best Sparkling Cookie toppings build. Cookie Run Kingdom lets players choose between many different topping pieces, so keep reading which ones you should choose…

Sparkling Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

The best toppings for Sparkling Cookie are 5 Swift Chocolate because they shorten the 13 second base cooldown of his Sparkling Cocktail ability. As a supportive healer, his main objective is to keep his allies alive. He does this through his skill, which throws refreshing healing cocktails at two allies. 

  • 5 Swift Chocolate Toppings

Is Sparkling Cookie Good?

Sparkling Cookie is the second best supportive cookie, only second to Herb Cookie. Better yet, he also improves the CRIT% of healed cookies by 25%. He becomes even better when you promote him, upgrade his skill, and add the correct toppings — doing this lowers his ability’s cooldown time (which is already shorter than most healers).

Sparkling Cookie is EPIC Tier, which means unlocking him is a realistic goal. He appears in the main story at the Tropical Soda Islands, which can be unlocked by reaching Cookie Castle Level 8 and building the Trade Harbor. Even though he’s not the rarest, Sparking Cookie remains a wonderful addition to your team — I’ve got him as my primary healer.

Here is the best Sparkling Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

Players can combine these characters to make the Juice Bar Regulars bond build:

  • Sparkling Cookie
  • Vampire Cookie
  • Herb Cookie
  • Mint Chocolate Cookie

However, we suggest you don’t use these cookies on the same team. Instead, we outline the best team above.

How To Get Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Follow these steps to get Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Complete the third World Exploration episode to unlock Dark Mode.
  2. In Dark mode, progress to at least the fifth episode.
  3. Sparkling Cookie’s soulstones can be rewarded for completing levels between 5-23 and 9-24.
  4. Once you’ve collected 20 Sparkling Cookie Soulstones, you can unlock him from the Cookies tab.


This Best Sparkling Cookie Toppings Build guide explains everything you need to know about the character in CRK. By now, you should know which toppings to choose to make him one of the best healers in the game!

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