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Hollyberry Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Known as one of the Ancient Hero cookies and the Queen Mother of the Hollyberry Kingdom, Hollyberry Cookie lives up to her many names with her impressive defense skill. This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Hollyberry Cookie.

Hollyberry Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

The best toppings for Hollyberry Cookie are 5 Solid Almonds because it gives Hollyberry Cookie more DMG resistance and a CD boost from sub-stats. It is also possible to use a combination of Solid Almonds and Swift Chocolates, although 5x Swift Almonds are the most efficient toppings build.

Here is a list of possible toppings builds for Hollyberry Cookie:

  • 5x Solid Almonds
  • 3x Solid Almonds with 2x Swift Chocolates

Hollyberry Cookie Build Description

Hollyberry is a Defense Class cookie with a front position on teams. Her skill, Oath on the Shield, shields all of Hollyberry’s allies and absorbs some of the damage that her allies may take. This skill also makes her resistant to interruption effects for a brief time.

The Oath on the Shield skill has a 18 second cooldown. Its single hit DMG is 185.5%, with an additional 2.53% per level. This skill’s DMG Focus pulls 20% of DMG of all allies for 9 seconds.

The Best Hollyberry Cookie Team

Here is the best Hollyberry Cookie team for Cookie Run Kingdom:

Treasures that pair well with this team are the Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather and the Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn. The Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather treasure helps revive cookies, enabling them to use their skill instantly, while the Gatekeeper’s Ghost Horn increases defenses, which pairs well with a defense cookie like Hollyberry.

Is Hollyberry Cookie Good?

Hollyberry is considered by many players as the best Defense Class cookie and one of the best cookies in the game overall. The strength of her skill makes her a powerful defender of her team. Additionally, the fact that she can absorb some damage from her allies could make a key difference in keeping her teammates alive to survive a match.

Hollyberry Cookie is an Ancient tier cookie with an S rank. Ancient and Legendary Cookies are the most difficult to pull from the gachas, with the highest possibility at just 0.054%. A better way to get Hollyberry Cookie from special event gachas, such as the Nether-Gacha. 

This guide looked at the best Hollyberry Cookie toppings build. Let us know what your favorite toppings and teams build for Hollyberry Cookie are down in the comments below.

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