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Sea Fairy Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

First introduced during the Tropical Soda Islands update, Sea Fairy Cookie is as powerful as she is beautiful. This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie.

Sea Fairy Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

What Toppings Go On Sea Fairy Cookie?

The best toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie are 5 Searing Raspberry toppings for a full attack build. For an arena build, 5 Swift Chocolate toppings work well to lessen CD. The Solid Almond topping also works, although when we tested these toppings out, the 5x Searing Raspberry topping was the most effective.

Here are the best toppings to use on Sea Fairy Cookie, starting with the best topping:

  • 5x Searing Raspberry
  • 5x Swift Chocolate
  • 5x Solid Almond

Sea Fairy Cookie Build Description

Sea Fairy Cookie is a Bomber Class Cookie who is assigned to the middle position. Her skill is called Soaring Compassion, which fires water at enemies, damaging and stunning the 5 nearest enemies. Over time, a water gathers under enemies and burst upwards, dealing heavy damage.

The Soaring Compassion skill has a 17 second base cooldown time. The water stream has a 150 damage percent, while the water pillar has a 173 damage percent with an added 4.4 damage percent per level. 

Best Sea Fairy Cookie Team

Here is the best Sea Fairy Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

Other cookies that players often use on a team with Sea Fairy Cookie include Dark Cacao Cookie in the front position, Sorbet Cookie in the middle position, and Vampire Cookie or Herb Cookie in the rear position.

The best treasures to use on a team with Sea Fairy Cookie are the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and the Squishy Jelly Watch. Some players also use the Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather or The Bookseller’s Monocle.

Is Sea Fairy Cookie Good?

Sea Fairy Cookie is a good Legendary Cookie because her skill damages and stuns enemies simultaneously, targeting enemy cookies first, making her extremely useful. Additionally, the skill is capable of dealing high amounts of damage over a certain period of battle time.

Depending on what toppings players use on Sea Fairy Cookie, she can be useful in other game modes, such as in arena mode. She is considered one of the necessary cookies for the Classic Meta team build, which has made her a valuable staple cookie for players.

Sea Fairy Cookie is a Legendary tier cookie and is an SS tier cookie. She was the first Legendary Cookie to be released in Cookie Run Kingdom, as well as the first Bomber Cookie.

It is extremely rare to get Sea Fairy Cookie in the game. All Legendary Cookies currently have a 0.054 percent chance of being pulled from the Gacha. There is a higher chance of pulling Sea Fairy Cookie from any of her respective Gacha events.


This guide looked at the best Sea Fairy Cookie toppings build. Comment any questions about Sea Fairy Cookie or your favorite Sea Fairy Cookie toppings build below.

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