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How to Beat Challenge 12 in Merge Dragons

When you are working on the challenge levels, Challenge level 12 will come up. Some people have trouble with it, while others don’t have any problems with it. We will look at how to beat Challenge 12 on Merge Dragons and give you a step-by-step walkthrough to help it be easier.

Some things to know about Challenge 12:

  • Level: 76
  • Chalice Cost: 3 
  • Goal: Restore Gaia Statue
  • Possible Reward: Spotted Dragon Egg, Rain Puddle, Hero Mushroom
  • Goal Stars:
    • Merge Fallen Stars (3).
    • Tap Tiny Cabin for Hedges 3 times.
    • Grow Spotted Shrooms Grow Spotted Shrooms

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Step-by-Step Walkthrough for Challenge 12

Below are the steps to take to complete this challenge successfully:

As challenges go, this one isn’t too difficult to complete. To start out, tap on the bones and merge one of the bones on Dead Land. Make sure that you activate the Heal Extenders as you unlock them. Merge the skulls and then merge Rain Puddle on the Island on the far left. Then let it be until a Spotted Shroom appears.

Merge a single Life Essence on Dead Land, merge the three Elderwood, and then merge onto Dead Land to create a Cabin. Tap the Cabin three times, then merge Shrub Sprouts. After that, merge the Budding Shrub on Dead Land Merge Life Essences to create Life Flowers. Then merge them on the Dead Land.

When a Spotted Shroom appears, merge that one with the others on Island, then merge the three Fallen Stars. Next, merge Life Orbs (Level 3) to create a level 4. Tap the level 4 Life Orb and unlock the remainder of the land.

Collect the treasure chests and coins and merge Destroyed Gaia Statues. Tap the crossed Bones and then merge them to begin healing the land. Once you have healed all the land, you are finished! Congratulations, you have done the challenge.

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