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How to Beat France in Battle Cats (Step-by-Step)

This article provides valuable information on how to beat France in Battle Cats

What is the Best Strategy for Beating France in Battle Cats?

France is one of the most formidable opponents in Battle Cats. Most players combine multiple attack and defense strategies to beat France. These strategies usually focus on outnumbering France’s fighters immediately by sending out waves of normal cats. 

These normal cats will quickly encroach on France’s territory, but you need to back them up with stronger cats like Macho Cat, Sexy Leg Cat, and Valkyrie Cat to decimate France’s attackers.

Players struggling to defeat France can consider some of these helpful tips:

  1. Acquire and activate different cat types. Ideally, players should have a mix of quick, slow, strong, and rare cats. Releasing Rare cats alongside Gamatoto Assistants and a mix of small and strong cats can help to keep the aliens further in enemy territory.
  2. Buying more time and keeping enemies farther away from the player’s territory will help players to gain more credits that can be used to activate more strong and rare cats.
  3. Ensure to activate the Cat Base bonus.
  4. Keep an eye on the Cannon to fire it once its meter reaches maximum level.
  5. Always ensure to have a numeric advantage over enemies. Players must aim for their territory quickly before France can spawn stronger aliens like the Red Eel.

How to Build the Perfect Battle Cats Team to Take on France

France Battle Cats

Players must be able to take risks that will allow them to test the suitability of different cats’ strengths with their playing styles. The most important thing is for players to be aware of their cats’ strengths. Most Battle Cats players have playing styles dictated by the current stage, their available cats, credits, and the strength of the current enemy.

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Before selecting any cat to take on France, the player must:

  1. Understand the unique strengths and traits of the cat. This will let the player know the best scenarios for using the cat.
  2. Study France: France is a strong and fast opponent that can rapidly attack a player’s territory to wreak significant havoc. Despite France’s quick attack style, France has several weaknesses that can be exploited with suitable cats. 
  3. Have a balance: Cats with similar traits can be hugely limiting. Players must have quick and slow cats and cats that can attack at close and long distances to deal with France’s multiple aliens.
  4. Attack Cat + Tank Cat Combination: Tank Cats have high health resistance but are slow. This means that Tank Cats can absorb more enemy attacks than other cats. Attack Cats, on the other hand, can wreak massive havoc on enemy territory rapidly. This combination is perfect for defeating France’s strong and tough fighters.
  5. Test Different Combinations: Building a perfect Battle Cats team will demand players take risks to test the effectiveness of selected cats against their enemy.

How to Utilize Cat Base Upgrades to Outsmart France

Before facing strong opponents like France, players should upgrade their Cat Base. An upgrade to the cat base can give players some additional advantage over France. A cat base upgrade can be a disadvantage if players do not exercise caution.

Some of the advantages of upgrading player cat bases include:

  1. More credits to activate stronger cats and to buy more upgrades.
  2. Increased damage during fights, especially against strong and challenging enemies.
  3. Boost Cat production rates to allow quick summoning of more cats.
  4. An upgrade to worker cat will also increase income.
  5. It strengthens the cat base’s defense and helps to withstand more attacks.

Some of the disadvantages of upgrading player cat bases include:

  1. The lost time during upgrades cannot be regained, and players may be unable to summon cats quickly.
  2. Players can lose significant resources that may be hard to recover or balance during upgrades.
  3. Cat base upgrades can make players susceptible to more attacks, especially if players no longer pay attention to their attack and defense strategy.
  4. Players may not enjoy all of the benefits available from upgrades if they haven’t met specific requirements.

Best Cats to Use Against France

The best cats to use against France are the following:

  1. Mythical Cat: This is a rare cat with powerful attacking qualities. They have high health and can help to withstand and launch attacks against some of France’s strong fighters like Baa Baa and Gory.
  2. Macho Cat: Macho Cat provides attack and defense balance. It has excellent health and can provide strong firepower in attack.
  3. Sexy Leg Cat: Although slow, Sexy Leg cat can wreak devastating havoc on France as it has high health and some of the finest attack attributes. Sexy Leg Cat can also protect other cats against enemy attacks.
  4. Bahamut Cat: Powerful cat with ferocious attacking abilities. The only downside is the high cost of acquiring Bahamut, but if you have one, it will offer a significant advantage in attack.
  5. Wall Cat: Suitable Tank cat that can absorb enemy attacks and protect your base while other cats go on a rampage.

…players can acquire and level up these cats by playing cat capsules and beating stages. Earned credits can also be used to purchase them. Players can also top up their credits with real money.

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