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How to Recruit a Gamatoto Assistant in Battle Cats (Guide)

Every busy person wants an assistant or two to make life easier for themselves, and the feeling is mutual for Battle Cat players that wish to embark on the Gamatoto expedition. Due to the number of unsuccessful attempts to get one, many payers now look for how to recruit a Gamatoto assistant in Battle Cats

Suppose you need help recruiting a Gamatoto Assistant. In that case, you should be interested in learning some helpful tips to help you recruit many Gamatoto Assistants to elevate your gameplay in Battle Cats. 

What is a Gamatoto Assistant?

Gamatoto Assistants are in-game characters available to help Gamatoto the Adventurer on expeditions. Gamatoto is sent on expeditions by players to search for valuable game items such as Cat Food, free XP, and Catseyes. Gamatoto Assistants increase the drop rate of items. 

Battle Cats Gamatoto Guide
Battle Cats Gamatoto Guide

Every Battle Cats player wants a Gamatoto Assistant because the number of Gamatoto’s assistant a player has improves Gamatoto’s chances of finding valuable items on its missions. Gamatoto Assistants have different ranks, and each of these ranks increases the possibility of an Item Pickup. The ranks include:

  • Intern: Item Pickup chance slightly increased
  • Lackey: Item Pickup chance somewhat increased
  • Underling: Item Pickup chance significantly increased
  • Assistant: Item Pickup chance massively increased
  • Legend: Item Pickup chance enormously increased!

…these five ranks are often grouped as the “normal” Gamatoto Assistants because they are also depicted as cats. Their Item Pickup chances increase down the group, with Legend having the highest and Intern having the least Item Pickup chance.

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In addition to the “normal” Gamatoto Assistants, other Gamatoto Assistants provide invaluable resources to players. They include:

  • Inari: Inari is depicted as a squirrel and loyal servant to Cat God in Battle Cats. When players find Inari, it supports Gamatoto’s mission and increases Gamatoto’s rewards, but this can only happen once in the game.
  • Toto: Toto is a mini monster that can collaborate with Gamatoto temporarily. Toto also increases Gamatoto’s rewards.
  • Geek: Geek stands out with his laptop and big goggles, but for players, it collaborates with Gamatoto to improve the results of other Assistants. While collaborating with Gamatoto, Geek contributes positively towards rewards increase.
  • Gunder: Gunder is a dog that also collaborates with Gamatoto to increase Gamatoto’s rewards.
  • Rabbit Yukine: Rabbit Yukine also provides help to improve the chances of Gamatoto’s normal assistants. Its goal is to increase Gamatoto’s rewards just like other collaborators.

…every Battle Cats player is entitled to 10 Gamatoto assistants per time. Players with more than 10 Gamatoto assistants cannot involve the excess assistants in any expedition until they dismiss some of the active Gamatoto assistants or an active assistant retires.

How to Get Gamatoto Assistants

Battle Cats players can obtain Gamatoto Assistants by completing expeditions. Completing expeditions is the least challenging method, but it requires a lot of patience. The higher the level of the expedition, the greater the chances of getting a Gamatoto Assistant. There are other methods through which a Battle Cats player can obtain a Gamatoto Assistant. They include:

  1. Using Rare Cat Capsule: Players can obtain Gamatoto Assistants when they roll out a Rare Cat Capsule. A Rare Cat Ticket is needed to roll out a Rare Cat Capsule, so players usually explore different strategic means to get a Rare Cat Ticket. A player can buy a Rare Cat Ticket with their cat food, as a reward for completing certain expeditions, or as a direct trade for other Ability Capsules, etc.
  2. In-Game Store Purchases: Battle Cats has a store where players can buy different items to obtain Gamatoto Assistants and elevate their game. Catamins, Cat Food, Battle Items, and other items can be bought from the store and used in exchange for Gamatoto Assistants.

…apart from these methods highlighted above, different Battle Cats players have tried other tricks and tips that have proved useful in obtaining Gamatoto Assistants. The essential requirement is going on expeditions. As players embark on more expeditions, the chances of finding normal Gamatoto Assistants and noticing new areas loaded with XP rewards increases.

How to Use Gamatoto Assistants

Knowing how to equip and use Gamatoto Assistants during battles is an important skill every player must have. During the battle, Gamatoto Assistants can help to damage an Enemy Base while protecting the player’s Cat Base. Players can equip a Gamatoto Assistant for battle by selecting the right items. The items can include Treasure Radar, Cat CPU, etc. 

As the battle ensues, players must keep their Gamatoto Assistants equipped by exchanging the money reserves for more Cat Units. All available Gamatoto Assistants can be summoned during battle, but each player is also expected to ensure that all of their cats are powerful. Players should pay attention to each cat’s recharge time. 

Players gain many benefits when they use Gamatoto Assistants in battle, but it is crucial to use each Gamatoto Assistant according to their strength. Players must also be able to measure the power of their enemies before going into battle with them. 

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If a player’s Gamatoto Assistants and cats are not as strong as their enemy, they may need to earn more XP and find treasures that will help them to strengthen their cats. There are also disadvantages to using Gamatoto Assistants during battle, which may leave players susceptible to defeat. Players suffer losses when they don’t understand the strengths of their Gamatoto Assistants. 

Above all, benefits and risks are two sides of a coin when using Gamatoto Assistants during battle. An essential tip that can guide any player’s use of Gamatoto Assistants is always to ensure that the benefits far outweigh the risks before committing their Gamatoto Assistants to battle. 

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