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How To Beat Moon Level 3 In Battle Cats

While most players quickly get through the Battle Cats like it’s nothing, the Empire of Cats Chapter 3 Moon proves to be a bit more tricky. But guess what? There’s a way out. We aim to show you the how to beat moon level 3 in battle cats

The Battle Cats’ main objective is to collect cats and battle stages and take advantage of their special abilities to fight off hordes of adversaries and maintain their base. Moon level 3 takes this idea a step further, but we got a battle plan for you.

What Is The Best Strategy For Beating Moon Level 3?

Moon level 3 is different from the other chapters. It comes with a fast-attacking, short-ranged enemy called Teacher Bun Bun. The plan is to deploy a large number of units with a range of 200 or more to attack Teacher Bun Bun, while Macho Cat and Wall Cat are sent out continuously to provide a buffer to ensure their safety.

battle cats chapter 3 moon strategy

Moon Level 3 is the stage where all the important treasures you’ve acquired so far from chapter 1 to chapter 3 comes to play. Using the likes of Valkyrie Cat, normal cats, and any other meatshield cats equivalent to Boogie cats such as Pumpcat, Gold cat, wall cat, and catburger will make things easier. It’s also essential to have all cats at level 20. 

Bringing Teacher Bun Bun closer to the base might not be as dangerous as it sounds. Strategies like this come to play when the enemies keep getting in the way of your support. As soon as the fight starts, spam Wall and Dragon Cats while upgrading your Worker Cat. 

Your Worker Cat should be at its maximum level when Mooth appears. Send the same units out again and again, and after your money is all spent, send out Valkyrie Cat to make a slow advance on the opposing base. When you begin attacking the base, another Valkyrie Cat should be able to spawn, so immediately start spamming Macho Cats, Wall Cats, and Dragon Cats. 

Valkyrie Cat
Valkyrie Cat

Your two Valkyrie Cats will probably perish when Teacher Bun Bun shows up. Continue sending the same units out while including Sexy Legs Cats. Ensure that you always have at least 4,000 available to spawn Valkyrie Cat swiftly.

Additionally, kill Mooth swiftly to get revenue. Start spamming UFO Cats as Teacher Bun Bun is on the verge of passing away. You can stall him at his base to buy some time. 

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Best Cat Combos In Moon Level 3?

While strategies are needed to beat moon level 3 battle cats, it’s also important to use the right cat combos. Additional effects will appear in battle when utilizing a combination of particular Cats inside a slot’s first five entries (top row). 

There is no set order for the Cats, and it is possible to have many combos on a single slot. You may access the Cat Combo List from the Equip Screen to view all discovered combos. There are currently 220+ Cat combos in the game. We have made things easy by categorizing them into four major combos:

  1. Strong Combos.
  2. Complementary Combos.
  3. Synergistic Combos.
  4. Multi Combos.

Strong Combos

Strong Combos offer the best value for the number of slots, typically having 1 to 3 slots for Cat units in a combo. They include:

NameCat UnitsCombo Effect
Scantily CladPharaoh Reika, Skirt, PantiesMassive Damage Up (M)
Cosplay FansWolf Princess Deale, Ritual CatStrengthen Up (M)
Land-Air AssaultOblitorator Diabolosa, Manic Flying CatUnit Attack Up (M)
Arm Day EverydayTitan Cat, Kung Fu Cat, Beefcake Cat, Tesalan PasalanUnit Defense Up (M)
Don’t Mess With Me!Kunio-kunWorker Cat Start Level Up (M)
Offshore AccountsRichest CatStarting Money Up (M), Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)

Complementary Combos

In complementary combos, the combos are additive. They include:

NameCat UnitsCombo Effect
Little WarriorsLi’lWall, Commando Unit Defense Up (Sm) 
Land-Air AssaultOblitorator Diabolosa, Manic Flying CatUnit Attack Up (M)
Étoile minimumParis, Li’l Mythical TitanUnit Defense Up (Sm) 
SportswomanButterfly, SportsgirlUnit Defense Up (Sm) 
Brave CutterLi’l Axe, Power CutterUnit Attack Up (sm)
Tiny Ancient HuntMasai, Li’l DragonUnit Attack Up (sm
Sister ActMoneko, NenekoUnit Attack Up (sm
Bouncing FourBrah Cat, Pair Rope JumpStarting Money Up (M)
Bento SpecialSushi Cat, Sashimi CatStarting Money Up (M)
Reindeer’s GiftA Gift ofCatsStarting Money Up (Sm)

Synergistic Combos

In synergistic Combos, Cat units benefit from the combo. They include:

NameCat UnitsCombo Effect
RawhideCow Cat, Cat EastwoodUnit Speed Up (Sm)
In BloomFlower cat, KeijiFreeze Effect Up (Sm)
Cool in HeatCooldown cat, Ice CatFreeze Effect Up (Sm)
Miracle PerformanceMoneko, Crazed MonekoCritical Rate Up (M)
MasqueradeUrurun Wolf, Executioner Cat, Wolf CatKnockback Effect Up (M)
Working VacationBath Cat, Heavy Assault C.A.TMassive Damage Effect Up (Sm)

Multi Combos

Cat Units in Multi Combos can be used more than once. They include:

NameCat UnitsCombo Effect
Power of DarknessDark Cat, Dark LazerWeaken (M
3 KingsMadam King, King Dragon, LionUnit D Up (S)
Horror MoviesZombie Cat, Vengeful Cat, Sadako CatResistant Effect Up (M)
Gross!!Gross Cat, Crazed Gross Cat, CreepmallowFreeze Effect Up (M)

What Are The Strongest Cat Units For Beating Moon Level 3?

The strongest Cat Units to use for beating Moon Level 3 are Uber Cats, Meat shield Units, Anti-floating Cats, and Units with a long-range attack. Uber Cats are the cream of the crop and are challenging to acquire. They stand heads and shoulders above other Cat units because of their unique abilities and shear strength.

Having any Uber Cat instantly improves your lineup. Meat shield Units, although relatively weak, are strong units because of their contribution to making a strategy effective. Their numbers, ability to absorb damage and disposability make them ideal for defense. Anti-floating Cats deal with aerial threats, while long-range attack units help damage the enemy from a distance.

Irrespective of how strong a Cat Unit is, you should always look to upgrade them to its maximum level. XP is needed to level up your units, so leveling up the Study upgrade increases the amount of XP obtained after each battle. Also, upgrade your Cat Base, as it makes your unit’s level more effective. 

In the end, the specific Cat used will vary depending on a player’s preference and the availability of the Cat Unit. What’s important is the ability they possess that can be contributed to your overall strategy. Individual brilliance may come in handy, but an army is strong because of its collective strength.

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