How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed Reedling in My Singing Monsters

A frog creature with reeds on its back, the aptly named Reedling hops about while playing its music. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the Reedling in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

How To Breed Reedling in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed A Reedling

The best way players can breed a Reedling is by combining Dandidoo + Noggin with no particular island location needed. Any combination of monsters that includes the Air, Plant, and Earth elements might also work. 

By default, a Reedling has a breeding time of 12 hours. When enhanced, the time is reduced to 9 hours. They can also be bought for 50 diamonds. However, players must be level 9 or higher to obtain a Reedling.

Below is a list of possible breeding combinations to get a Reedling:

How To Breed A Rare Reedling

Players can breed a Rare Reedling by combining Dandidoo + Noggin at any island. Any breeding attempt that includes the Air, Plant, and Earth elements or any failed breeding attempt that includes a Reedling might make a Rare Reedling.

Here is a list of other possible breeding combinations:

  • Potbelly + Cybop
  • Tweedle + Shrubb

The default breeding time is 15 hours, 30 minutes, with an enhanced time of 11 hours, 37 minutes, 30 seconds. A Rare Reedling can also be purchased for 65 diamonds. However, like other Rare Monsters, a Rare Reedling can only be obtained at specific times.

The Rare Reedling has purple fur with magenta spots on its back and magenta toenails. Its eyes are pink and it has two yellow horns on its head. Additionally, the reeds on its back are brown and pink instead of plain yellow.

How To Breed An Epic Reedling

Players can breed an Epic Reedling by combining Spunge + Fwog on Water Island. The only other breeding combinations are Thumpies + Shrubb on Earth Island and Repatillo + Cybop on Fire Haven.

An Epic Reedling has an incubation time of 17 hours and an enhanced time of 12 hours, 45 minutes. It can also be bought for 500 diamonds. As an Epic Monster, it can only be obtained at certain times.

The Epic Reedling resembles a robot, with a mechanical mask face and metal hinges and screws on its legs. Its legs are green and the fur on its body is blue. Instead of wooden reeds, it has metal reeds that resemble a clarinet.

What Is A Reedling

A Reedling is an Air, Earth, and Plant Monster. It does not hold an instrument but instead has reeds growing directly out of its back, which play whenever the Reedling breathes. The sound usually resembles a recorder flute on Tribal Island and Fire Haven. However, in other locations, it sounds more like a pipe organ.


This guide looked at how to breed a Reedling in My Singing Monsters. If you have questions about the Reedling Monster, comment below.

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