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How to Bubble in Merge Dragons

One of the most common problems people have when playing Merge Dragons is that their camp fills up with so much stuff. When this happens, they don’t have any room for new items. That’s why bubbling is so popular. Today we will guide you on how to bubble in Merge Dragons. Once you get this down, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

How to Bubble in Merge Dragons

Before we get into two methods of bubbling in Merge Dragons, let’s look at some benefits of bubbling.

  • Bubbling helps you to organize your camp.
  • Bubbling helps you to save your eggs to create more dragons. 
  • Bubbling helps you save stars for special events. 
  • Bubbling helps you save items that are needed to complete quests.

How Do You Bubble Eggs in Merge Dragons?

Like anything else you get as a level reward, any eggs you get from challenges are automatically bubbled. But if you have many eggs in your Camp, don’t worry because you can bubble your eggs as well.

This takes some practice. But you use one hand to bring three of the same eggs together with one hand while clicking on the map in the upper lefthand corner with the other. When you return to your Camp, one of the eggs will be bubbled.

How Do You Bubble up Items in Merge Dragons

Fill Up Your Camp

The first method of bubbling involves filling up your camp. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you are bubbling your items, particularly those bigger than 1×1. A good way to do this is by having your dragons harvest everything and get your camp full of leaves, seeds, etc.

Once you have filled up your camp, anything else that is harvested will automatically be bubbled. This is a good method when you know you’ll need leaves or other harvestable items for an upcoming quest. Group the harvested items together so you know where they are.

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Arrange Items in Your Camp

Even if you don’t have many items in your camp that it’s completely full, you can still bubble by arranging the items that exist in your camp so that you don’t have much space. For instance, say you want to bubble an item that is 3×2. Arrange the items in the camp so there isn’t a space big enough to hold the item.

This method will only work for the bigger items, so you can’t use it for the items that only are 1×1. Therefore, if you want to bubble the smaller items, use the method that is listed above to accomplish it. For the larger ones, arranging your camp is a better idea.

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We hope that you found our post about bubbling in Merge Dragons helpful. It takes practice to get it the way you want it to be. But once you have done it enough, you will find that it’s very helpful and can make your gameplay much easier.

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