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How to Find and Rob the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch

Port Sneaky Sasquatch

Once you have played Sneaky Sasquatch for a while, you are going to find that you need to go to a lot of different places in the game. Eventually, you are going to progress to a point that makes you wonder, “Where is the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch?” Read on to find out the answer and more about this important area!

Where is the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Where is the Port

Like many other places in Sneaky Sasquatch, you access the Port through the town. When you are leaving town, you head to the left. Going west out of town will eventually bring you to the Port. Just like going east out of the town will take you to the Strip Mall, this will also take you to a very important area.

How to Rob the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch

You’ll need to don the Supervisor disguise for successfully committing this robbery. Therefore, you want to have the title of Junior Supervisor. You’ll also need to put the right code into Secure Door Number 2. This door is found on the admin building’s second floor.

Take these steps below to successfully rob the port.

First, in order to make robbing the port simpler, it is recommended to purchase some Sneaky Shoes, Binoculars, and Goggles (Night Vision). Don’t worry – it’s worth the amount you pay! Next, in order to reach the Port, follow the steps above.

Go to the port

Once you are there, use your Junior Supervisor disguise to get in. After that, check in with the supervisor and receive instructions for your job. Then, go to Secure Number 2.

Junior Supervisor disguise

After that, take the pallets that are blocking the cover of the manhole. Afterward, head to Security. Once you are there, take control of the cameras. Then, obscure their views by moving/zooming in the cameras. Afterward, drive the forklift to the gates. Then, wait for the night to fall.

take control of the cameras

Once it is night, go into the sewer. Afterward, go to the ladder under Secure Number 2. After that, wait until 10 pm. Once it is 10 pm, climb the ladder. Then, avoid the people there—afterward, open the storage facility door.


Once the door is open, get your forklift from beside the gate. Then, avoid all people and don’t get caught. Afterwards, drive your forklift into the storage. Once you are in the storage, put 2 boxes on your forklift. Then, shut the electricity off so that the guard leaves his post. Finally, leave!

After you have made your escape, go back to the Workshop. You’ll open up the boxes with the help of the Duck.

That’s how you rob the Port in the Sneaky Sasquatch game on iOS Apple Arcade. We hope that you found this to be very helpful and that you will keep coming back to our website to get more tips and tricks for your favorite games. If you want, you can leave a comment below.

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