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Where is the Sewer in Sneaky Sasquatch? Explained

We have been writing a lot of posts about Sneaky Sasquatch. Today is no different. We will answer the question, “Where is the sewer in Sneaky Sasquatch?” We are also going to give you some information about the codes that you need to know. So, let’s get to it!

Sewer Doors Codes

You find the sewers below the port and the town. They collect the wastewater that comes from the buildings in town and then treat it. Sasquatch is sent to investigate the sewers to stop the lake’s pollution in the Storyline’s third part. You will find the sewer entrance in the back of the Café. In the western part, they’re connected with the Port.

After he wades in polluted water, Sasquatch becomes stinky and disgusts other people. To get rid of this stench, go through the clean water. You also can catch two kinds of mutated fish when you’re in the water that’s polluted. Unfortunately, none of the Fishers want them.

The following fish are the ones you can catch:

  • Mutant Fang Fish
  • Three-Eyed Fish

Some of the passages will be blocked by the steam that is coming from the pipes that are ruptured. Find the valves close by and then turn the valves in a clockwise direction. This will make the steam stop. In the sewers’ southern part, you’ll find a waterfall that’s polluted. Behind this, you’ll find Sewers Waterfall Cave.

Codes for the Sewer Doors

There are 4-digit codes for getting into the locked sewer doors. These are:

  • Pump Room & Storage: These are random. The Sasquatch will learn them during the storyline’s 3rd part and write the code down in his Settings & Stats book. This will be between credits and stats. They’re also displayed automatically above the lock when Sasquatch tries opening the doors.
  • R Corp Cellar: This is 3371. It can be guessed by the fingerprints that are on the code’s buttons.
  • Bank Cellar: This is inaccessible as of the update to version 1.8.4.
  • Port Sewer Door: Random. You can find it on a tablet that is on the nearby table. You have to go through the manhole in the port in order to reach it. This is in the port’s restricted area. One of the digits can’t be read, so you have to make a guess.

Well, now you know a bit more about the sewer in Sneaky Sasquatch and what you will find there, as well as how to get there. thanks for taking the time to read our blog, and we hope that you will come back soon to read more blogs.

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