Sneaky Sasquatch

Where is the Cave in Sneaky Sasquatch?

There are quite a few places on the map that you can go to when playing Sneaky Sasquatch. Some are easier to find than others. Other places, like caves, can be harder to find. One question that you might cross your mind when playing is, “Where is the cave in Sneaky Sasquatch?” There are a few caves in the game; we will look at them below.

Cave Map (Locations)

Here is how to reach every cave in Sneaky Sasquatch:

Ski Mountain Cave

This is a cave in the snowy mountains, and it’s found at the rear of the Summit Hut at a curvy path’s end. It’s also on Ski Mountain’s highest level. This cave is one of only two places where Cavefish can be caught. It’s the home of Winter Jack.

Pirate Cave

This cave is found in the Northern Ocean and to Island Campground’s east. You need to use your Scuba Diving gear for diving off the nearby beach. Then you go underwater to enter the cave. There is a door that blocks the path.

You can get the key for this door from the sunken pirate ship. This is found in the Island’s south. There’s a cache of 3,500 coins behind this door, so it’s worth it!

Golf Course Cave

You’ll find this cave inside the lake to the Golf Course’s east. You can’t enter it underwater. Therefore, a boat’s required to get to it. Go up the river from where the Mushroom Hunter is and give the Demolition Duck dynamite.

This will open the way into Campground Lake and up a much faster river. This will lead you to the lake on the golf course. You can fish for Cavefish here, and there is also a cache here.

Waterfall Cave

This cave can be hard to find. There is a waterfall located at campsites C & D in the Campground, which is how you access this cave. There’s a Secret Cache in this cave. It is also where one of the races finishes.

RV Park Cave

This is one cave that you want to make sure to visit. It’s located west of sites A & B in the RV Park. Look for the road that has the warning sign. You need a flashlight to get into it more than a couple of steps. There’s a Bear sitting close to the entrance that warns about the darkness.

There is a Treasure Map piece behind the rubble, and you’ll need the Dynamite you’ll find deep inside the cave so the path can be cleared. There is also a Dig Spot and Secret Cache here. This cave is the home of Halloween Jack.

Sewers Waterfall Cave

Behind that polluted waterfall in the sewer’s lower part, this cave is found. Although it seems quite unpleasant here, and you may not want to go into it due to the barrels full of sewage, the Secret Cache found here makes it worth it.

Island Cave

This is a forest cave in the southern part. But before you go there, get some Dynamite from the Mushroom Hunter. This will help the Demolition Duck with opening it. You will find a Dig Spot and a Secret Cache here.

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