Sneaky Sasquatch

How to Get Dynamite in Sneaky Sasquatch

When you are playing Sneaky Sasquatch, one thing you’ll notice is that there are spots where you can’t get to a certain area. That’s when you have to use dynamite. In this walkthrough, we’re going to talk about how to get dynamite in Sneaky Sasquatch.

Why Do You Need Dynamite?

Dynamite’s an item that you’ll use to open areas and paths and destroy obstacles. You can obtain four of them through rewards from the Mushroom Hunter. You can’t sell it or use it for anything else. So when you have dynamite, keep it because you may find an area that you can‘t access without it.

Treasure Map Quest

You’ll need dynamite to collect one of the treasure map pieces from the RV Park Cave. You can find it deep in that cave as well. after you have found the dynamite, place the dynamite in the crate that’s next to a wall that blocks the passage. You can locate the detonator by following the cable. Then use it for blowing the wall up.

Getting Dynamite From the Mushroom Hunter

Along with finding it in the cave, you also can get it from the Mushroom Hunter once you have handed in 4, 8, 14, & 22 kinds of mushrooms. You will track this progress in your Mushroom guide, and the progress is indicated using checkmarks on its first page.

Without wearing glasses, the hunter thinks the sticks of dynamite are actually scented candles. Therefore, the hunter will present the dynamite to the Sasquatch as gifts. The good thing is that the dynamite didn’t have a smell the hunter liked, so they never tried to light the ‘candles’!

Any dynamite that is gotten from the hunter, you can give to the Demolition Ducks. You can find three of them close to the river. The fourth one can be found on the island.

You can’t interact with either the hunter or Demolitions Ducks until the treasure map’s finished. Therefore, you aren’t able to give the dynamite you found in the cave to the duck. You also can’t go to the Mushroom Hunter and get dynamite so you can get the piece of the map.

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