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Where to Find The Mushroom Hunter in Sneaky Sasquatch? Walkthrough

Here we are with another walkthrough. Today we will help you by answering the question, “Where is the mushroom hunter in sneaky sasquatch?”  This will help you with knowing where the mushrooms are and set you on your way to getting the mushrooms gathered in the game.

How to Start Mushroom Foraging in Sneaky Sasquatch

Before you can start foraging for mushrooms, you have to finish the Map Pieces Quest. Then you have to find the mushroom hunter, who will give you the foraging tools and the mushroom guide that you need. Once you have these items and completed your quest, you’re ready to start foraging.

How to Find the Mushroom Hunter in Sneaky Sasquatch

You will find the Mushroom hunter living inside a hut that looks similar to the home of the Sasquatch. This house’s inside the forest, and it’s close to the river. You’ll get your foraging tools and Mushroom Guide. This lets you collect mushrooms. However, you have to complete the Map Pieces Quest beforehand. Otherwise, the mushroom hunter will be busy.

The hunter is going to reward you for every different kind of mushroom. But it’s different from the fishers in that he’ll also pay you for the ones that have previously been submitted. You also are unable to eat any mushrooms you’ve collected. You have to give them to the hunter.

There are four checkpoints for finding mushrooms. These are:

  • 4
  • 8
  • 12
  • 22

There are 29 total mushrooms. When you pass the checkpoints, you will get Dynamite. Then you can loan this to Demolition Ducks so that new areas and passages are unlocked. When you find all of the mushrooms, your dog will be taught to locate truffles.

All Mushroom Locations

Mushroom TypeNumber of StarsWhere to Find it
Cauliflower2At trees’ bases at island
Dryad’s Saddle1On the broadleaf trees at Intersection, lake, and golf course  
Lion’s Mane3Everywhere on conifer trees, particularly in Campground.
Apricot Jelly2Close to water at Lake, Race Track Podium, or Golf Course  
Elfin Saddle3At Lumber Mill and near Eastern Highway
Honey1Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.
Shrimp2At River Mouth and Marina
Blue Chanterelle3Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.
Dusky Bolete4Everyplace after dark.
Hedgehog2At Dirt Racetrack, Museum and road leading to Dirt Racetrack
Blewit2Everywhere during rainy days.
Witch’s Cauldron4Can be found everywhere but appears rarely. You can find them most often around Halloween. Halloween mode can be turned on anytime simply by speaking with Jack. You’ll find him in the RV Park Cave. It will cost you 1,000 coins.  
Winter Chanterelle2At Ski Mountain.
Fairy Ring3Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.
Fly Agaric2Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.
Lobster2At Island, particularly on the island that belongs to Rich Uncle Duck.
Pine3Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.
Prince1At Race Track.
Puffball1Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.
Porcini2Everywhere, particularly inside the campground.

Best Mushroom Hunting Spot

If you are looking for a place where you can find the most mushrooms, you can find a lot of different kinds in the campground. Out of 29 types of mushrooms, there are 8 types that you can find in the campground as well as everywhere on the map. So, the campground is a great place to start looking.

We hope that you found this blog about the mushroom hunt helpful. If you keep coming back, you are going to find a lot of great guides to some of your favorite games. We always look forward to helping you out, and if you have any comments, please feel free to add them. We love hearing from our readers!

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