Sneaky Sasquatch

Where is the Dog in Sneaky Sasquatch?

This guide will show you the answer to the question, “Where is the dog in Sneaky Sasquatch?”


How to Find the Dog

To find the dog, the first thing that you do is start seeing posters that talk about the dog throughout the game. You also can receive additional information about the dog when you call the number, which is also on the poster. This number is 555-5678.

How to Tame the Dog in Sneaky Sasquatch

The owner of the dog can be found outside of Pet Shop. He is going to mention the areas where the dog currently is. Go to that area and follow the poop and footprint trail to locate the dog. The dog’s always hiding inside bushes except if the dog’s on Ski Mountain.

Here is a list of the places where the dog can be found:

  • Campsite D, in the northwest corner
  • RV Park – Close to the path that’s leading toward the cave
  • Golf Course – to the south of the 7th hole
  • Racetrack – to the track’s east side, to the north of the steel barrier
  • Ski Resort – in back of Ticket’s office
  • Lumber Mill – to the sawmill’s east
  • Town – to the supermarket’s north, in the northwest corner, at a path’s entrance to one of the secret caches.

People may notice if you do not clean up your dog’s poop. This raises Ranger Danger.

How to Tame the Dog in Sneaky Sasquatch

What Does the Question Mark From the Dog Mean in Sneaky Sasquatch?

When you want your dog to become tame, you do this by helping it gain affection. You can make this happen by petting and feeding the dog. If you neglect it or don’t feed it, it will lose affection. After a heart is filled, the next day, the dog’s affection will increase, and it will have another heart that is empty.

Sometimes you are going to enter an area, and you see the dog with a question mark. This means that the area has a dinosaur bone in it. Tell the dog to search. He will then point in the direction of where the bone is. When you’re close to it, your dog will dig up the bone.

How to Get Your Dog to Search for Bones in Sneaky Sasquatch?

You must first make sure your dog is happy with a lot of attention and food. Pet the dog, keep feeding it treats, and clean up its poop. Once your dog reaches level 2, it’s ready to look for the dinosaur bones.

Hunting requires a lot of dedication and patience. It’s not going to happen right away. You have to explore the map with your dog, during the night and day. They don’t always appear in the same area for every player, so there isn’t a walkthrough. When the dog comes to an area where it can dig, there’s a question mark.

The dog then will bark and then use its paw to point. Then a bubble shows up above the dog’s head to show an image for digging. They’ll continue barking and pointing towards the spot where it should dig until you’re to the area.

Use the command for searching (this is a magnifying glass) so that your dog looks around until it then barks once again. When this happens, you’ll see the exclamation mark appear. This will be a prompt to dig. Help your dog dig and you’re going to find something beneath the ground.

How to Get Your Dog to Search for Bones in Sneaky Sasquatch

Next, the dog will bark and point with its little paw, and a bubble will appear above its head, showing a ‘digging’ image. The dog will continue to bark and point toward the dig spot until you reach it. Use the ‘Search’ command (it looks like a magnifying glass) to get the dog to look around the area until it barks again and an exclamation mark appears, prompting it to dig. Help the dog dig, and you will find something under the ground.

Dinosaur Bones

What Do You Do With Dog Poop in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Just like any other dog, your dog will produce dog poop. You can pick it up raw, or you can bag it with a waste bag that you purchase at Pet Shop. When you do this, you will have Bagged Dog Poop. Make sure that you pick it up in a timely manner, though, since if it’s left too long, it will cause Ranger Danger.

You can’t eat it, and the dog can’t eat it. Attempting to feed your dog its own poop will make the dog shake his head. This is the same reaction you’ll get if you try feeding your dog something harmful to it. You also can’t sell it to the bear near your house.

There are a couple of things that you can do with your dog poop. First, Trash Bear will buy it. Trash Bears are found near the Sawmill and will pay 2 coins for it if you marinate the poop in the trash can, although poop is already stinky naturally.

Island Campground campers also will purchase dog poop from a cooler, paying 3 coins. However, if you want to make money, there are foods that are a lot more profitable that can be put there. You also can sell poop and bagged poop to friends, and a single hunger point will be restored.  

How do You Get Dog Treats in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Dog Treats can be bought from the Pet Shop in packs of 3 for 100 coins. These are something that your dog will like. It will increase your dog’s happiness whenever you give him one. Your dog will also have a happiness increase whenever you give him something that he likes to eat.

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