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How to Get a Job in Sneaky Sasquatch

One of the things that you do in Sneaky Sasquatch is to put on different disguises. Not only does this help you avoid the Ranger, but it also can help you with getting jobs. So, you should know how to get a job in Sneaky Sasquatch. Below we will look at the jobs you can get in Sneaky Sasquatch and what they require.

What Jobs Can You Get In Sneaky Sasquatch

There are three types of jobs that you can get in Sneaky Sasquatch. It’s important to note that each job requires something different, so the answer to how to get a job in Sneaky Sasquatch doesn’t have a definite answer.  However, we will look at the different types of jobs and then show you how to get each type.

One good thing about Sneaky Sasquatch is that there are many opportunities to earn coins by doing different jobs. Some jobs are built into the storyline, some can only be done once, and some can be done multiple times. Let’s look at them below.

Assist. Mail Clerk at R Corp

how to get into r corp in sneaky sasquatch
R Corp

You get the mail from the manager in the basement, look up the employee’s name, find their floor, and put their mail into the mailbox.

After the storyline’s second chapter starts, you can walk into R Corp and speak with the receptionist. This way, you can have an interview with HR. You must wait for her to open the gate and invite you in.

Successfully passing the interview requires an account at the Bank. You also need to own one of the two following disguises:

  • Junior Office Worker
  • Executive Office Worker

These can be purchased at the Clothing Score. You will be asked questions, but you don’t have to worry about them.

You then must type your name. This is the name the Sasquatch will go by from that point on. You can change your name in the future by going to the Town Hall basement and paying 1,000 coins.

You can also change it at no cost when you work for the Police. All you have to do is say ‘no’ when they ask you if that is your name. By default, your name is Hank.

Item Delivery Tech at R Corp

In this job, you are tasked with delivering the items people request. Each delivery pays 80 coins. Look for employees with exclamation marks above their heads. The only disadvantage is that you must pay for the items you want out of pocket.

The most profitable items to deliver are the bananas since they only cost five coins. You can find them in the 4th-floor vending machine and the Supermarket. You can do this 2 to 3 times per day. Once you have done six tasks, you will receive a promotion.

You can get this job by completing six tasks as an Assist. Mail Clerk. Once you have done that, you want to speak with HR to receive your promotion.  

Technical Support at R Corp

This job entails answering the phones. You work on the 2nd floor of the building, and you can do 2 to 3 tasks daily. Each task pays 100 coins.

You can get this job by completing six tasks as an item Delivery Tech and being promoted.

Executive at R Corp

You must do different daily tasks that pay 120 coins.

  • Play golf on the 6th floor.
  • Go to a meeting on the 5th floor.
  • Sign papers on the 4th floor

To get this promotion, you’ll need the disguise of the Executive Office Worker named above. It’s also a good idea to go to the Arcade and get the watch since you must keep to a schedule.


You issue tickets for violations. Although you aren’t paid, you are welcome to take money out of the fines received from the issued tickets.

Once the first few quests are completed, Raccoon tells you that the lake’s contaminated. The police don’t have enough manpower to do anything but file the report.

The next day, you should go to the Police Station and up to the 2nd floor. These are the ranks in the police job:

  • Highway Patrol
  • Deputy (after issuing enough tickets)
  • Officer (after upgrading your car and catching speeders using the Speed Radar)
  • Detective (after issuing enough tickets)

Underwater Trash Collector

The Sasquatch will work collecting trash underwater for the owner of the Scuba Diving Shop. Initially, he will be paid in gear upgrades. Then he will get paid for doing it. Some of the upgrades he’ll get will be needed to finish a detective mission during the storyline’s third part.

Before doing this, you must reach the Detective status as a Policeman.

Express Shipping Company

This entails picking up packages and delivering them. The job pays 50 to 100 coins depending on how far the delivery is.  Each delivery must be made before the recipient’s workplace closes for the night or by midnight if the person is available around the clock.

If you’re too late to make the delivery, it can’t be done the following day, and you must return to the manager and get another task. Check your clipboard for your dealing time and track time with the watch.

For this job, you need to meet the following requirements:

Forklift Driver – Port

As a Forklift Driver, you will load and unload ships. You will have a few tasks available daily, and you must complete them during daylight hours. After you have been promoted three times, the tasks pay anywhere from 580 to 700 coins.

To get hired as a Forklift Driver, you’ll need certification. Go to the Admin Building’s 2nd floor and speak with the Certification Manager. This will cost 1,000 coins and acts as the job’s tutorial.

Port Security

In the Port Security job, you must patrol the Port and look for mischief. You also must check on the Port’s security cameras. You get 400 coins.

To work in Port Security, you’ll need certification. Go to the Admin Building’s 2nd floor and speak with the Certification Manager. This will cost 500 coins and acts as the job’s tutorial. You’ll have to access the nine cameras using the dial and, using the joystick, move the camera.

Crane Operator

The Port Supervisor is the one who will give you the tasks for the day. The tasks are like what you do as a Forklift driver. After you are promoted, the reward you’ll receive is 400 to 500 coins.

Like the other two jobs in the Port, you need certification to get the Crane Operator job. Go to the Admin Building’s 2nd floor and speak with the Certification Manager. This will cost 1,500 coins and acts as the job’s tutorial.

Taxi Driver

As a Taxi Driver, you take your passengers where they want to go. You can use any vehicle for this job. But as you keep doing it and your rating goes up, you can get the Taxi eventually, which is the best one.

Before starting this job, you need your Taxi Permit. This can be obtained from the Town Hall. Once the paperwork has been signed, you go to the Race Track to take the test. Then you can pick up your passengers.

Ferry Captain

When you are Ferry Captain, you take passengers from the mainland to the Island and back. You can earn money by selling food that passengers want. The Ferry also can be used for bringing building materials to Island Campground. You also ride for free.

To become the Ferry Captain, you must get your Boating License. Then you can speak with the Ferry Captain and become the Substitute Ferry Captain. Once you have made 15 trips successfully, you get the disguise of the Ferry Captain. You also can rename the Ferry if you like.

Museum Fossil Collector

To make money doing this, you use your dog to find the 14 bones needed for the T-rex skeleton. Once these are collected, additional bones are bought for 25 coins apiece. This job can even be done if the museum isn’t built yet.

Anyone can do this job, and it doesn’t require special training. All you need is a dog that can sniff out the bones. You aren’t hired for the job either; you do it. It’s an easy job to do while you’re exploring the map.

Mushroom Hunting

Search for mushrooms in various places and harvest them. Then sell them to the Mushroom Hunter. The amount that you get will vary based on the mushroom.

This is another job that doesn’t require you to be hired. Collect various mushrooms to sell to the Hunter.


You use your fishing rod to catch fish and then go to the fisheries to get the rewards. However, you can only catch each fish once and sell it to the fisheries.

This job is like selling mushrooms. There are two fisheries – saltwater and freshwater, and they will buy the fish you catch. You’ll need a fishing rod, which Raccoon can sell you for 75 coins.

Newspaper Journalist

You must take specific photos, and you can only take one daily. You get paid 200 coins for each one, with bonuses after certain thresholds. There are 41 photos in total that you will be asked to take.

Before taking this job, you must be level 3 at the Camera Club. Speak to the Editor in Chief, and you will be asked to take pictures of the Sasquatch.

These are all the jobs that are available on Sneaky Sasquatch. We hope you found this useful and will keep returning to read our blogs. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about it!

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