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How to Find Dinosaur Bones in Sneaky Sasquatch (Walkthrough)

One way to earn money in Sneaky Sasquatch is by bringing dinosaur bones back to the Museum. Some bones will create a T-Rex dinosaur. Once you have completed the dinosaur with the bones, you can earn money by bringing more bones back. So, we will show you how to make money with the Sneaky Sasquatch dinosaur bones job.

Follow these steps to get dinosaur bones:

What Do Dinosaur Bones Do?

Before finding dinosaur bones, let’s look at the reason for them. The dinosaur bones are for the T-Rex exhibit in the Museum, which is located on the western highway. There are 14 bones needed for the T-Rex exhibit in the Museum. Once you have found all 14 bones, you’ll get the Archeologist Hat. 

How to Dig up Dinosaur Bones

Dog Found a Dinosaur Bone
Dog Found a Dinosaur Bone

Before you can start searching for the dinosaur bones, you will need to get the dog. The dog is the one that will sniff up the bones and tell you when there is one close by. After you have a dog, you’ll need to keep it happy.

Like when you have a dog in real life, you feed the dog treats and ensure that you clean up its dog poop. When you do this, your dog will level up. Once it’s level 2, your pup can begin looking for the bones.

Where to Get Dinosaur Bones

Something to know about dinosaur bones is that it will take time to find all of them. Unlike searching for mushrooms, they don’t spawn in the same area all the time. So, you want to take your pup and explore the entire map with them night and day. Keep exploring with your dog until you have found something. 

The way to know that there’s one nearby is you’ll see a question mark floating above your dog’s head. Then, your dog utters a bark and then points using its paw. There will also be a bubble above the dog’s head with the digging image.

Your dog will continue barking and pointing in the dig spot’s direction until you get to the area they are pointing towards. Use the command to search (this command is pictured as a magnifying glass). This command will get your dog to explore the area. 

Once the dog has found something, it will bark again, and then there will be an exclamation point. This is the prompt for the dog to dig. Help your dog dig, and you will find something underneath the ground. However, it’s important to note that it won’t always be a bone.

Some of the other things that your dog might dig up are:

  • Tennis balls
  • Coins
  • Gold bars

Keep looking as you explore the map, which you will do anyway while playing the game, and dig when your dog tells you they’ve found something. Even if it’s not a bone, coins and gold bars aren’t bad finds, either! 

Take the Bones to the Museum

As the bones are found, take them to the Museum. This will help you construct the T-Rex for the exhibit. It’s assembled outside, close to the dig site. Once it’s completed, the skeleton will be moved inside. When all the bones are found, you will receive money for the bones found afterward.

Well, there you go. Now you know about looking for dinosaur bones in Sneaky Sasquatch. We hope that you found it helpful and that you’ll come back to our site again soon. Have any comments? Please feel free to leave a comment below. We love hearing feedback.

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