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How to Get Foxglove in Merge Mansion

This article provides valuable information on How to Get Foxglove in Merge Mansion.

What is Foxglove in Merge Mansion?

Foxglove is the Planted Flower (IV) level 8 in Merge Mansion. In Merge Mansion communities, some players refer to Foxglove as the Digitalis plant. It is a species of Digitalis purpurea, a plant that produces tall flowers with bright colors in shades of white, yellow, pink, purple, and lavender.

In Merge Mansion, players typically use Foxglove to improve the existing garden. Merging Foxglove plants can also help players to generate Planted Flower (V) level 9, which is the maximum merge stage for plants. Foxglove has a high selling cost of 102 with a 1XP Star, and this selling cost can benefit players when they need to purchase in-game items.

How to Unlock the Foxglove in Merge Mansion?

Players can get Planted Bushes either by purchasing from the store or cultivating Bush Seeds collected in Brown Chests. If the player cannot purchase Planted Bush, they need to take these steps to merge Bush Seeds into Planted Bush:

  1. Players need to combine Bush Seeds to get Bush Seedlings.
  2. Merge two Bush Seedlings to get Small Bush.
  3. Merge two Small Bush to produce Level I Planted Bush, then,
  4. Merge two Level I Planted Bush to produce a Level II Planted Bush.

…merging Level II Planted Bushes will give Planted Flower Seeds. Merging two planted flower seeds will produce Planted Flower Seedlings. The next level, Level I Planted Flower Buds, combines two Planted Flower Seedlings To produce a level II Planted Flower Bud. Merge two levels I Planted Flower Buds.

Merging two Level II Planted Flower Buds will produce a Level I Planted Flower. Also, merging two Level I Planted Flowers will produce a Level II Planted Flower. Merging two Level I Planted Flowers will produce a Level II Planted Flower. Merging two Level II Planted Flowers will result in a Level III Planted Flower. 

Merging two Level II Planted Flowers will produce a Level III Planted Flower. Finally, merging two Level III Planted Flowers will produce a Level IV Planted Flower, also known as Foxglove. Players who want to get Foxglove faster can achieve this by:

  1. Purchasing more Bush Seeds to merge into more Bush Seedlings. Combining more bush seedlings will increase the player’s chances of getting more foxgloves.
  2. Merging Level II Planted Bush to generate Blossoming Bush. This is another ideal method, but players must be aware of the percentage probability of producing Planted Flower Seed, Planted Flower Seedling, and Planted Flower Bud for each Blossoming Bush Level.

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