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How to Get Garden Statue in Merge Mansion?

This article teaches Merge Mansion Players How to Get Garden Statue in Merge Mansion.

What is Garden Statue in Merge Mansion?

Garden Statue is an Event Reward Item in Merge Mansion. It is the reward Item players receive when they complete the Ignatius Boulton story event. Players earn a Rock, the base item that players will merge to get other higher-level items like Urn Sculpture, Stone Pillar, and the Stone Gate.

Garden Statue is an essential event reward item for players in Merge Mansion because it grants them access to obtaining Stone Can. The stone can is a top-tier item a player needs to complete The Grand Drive Area tasks. 

Players must complete the “Fix Missing Item” task before accessing the Ignatius Boulton event. To complete the Ignatius Boulton event, players need to merge items fast and use them to level up as many times as possible within the 3-day timeframe allowed for the event.

How to Unlock the Garden Statue in Merge Mansion?

Unlocking the Garden Statue in Merge Mansion is simple. Players will unlock Garden Statue once they complete the Ignatius Boulton event. Unfortunately, for various reasons, many players cannot complete the Ignatius Bolton event in the allowed time.

The most prominent impediment players face when attempting to complete the Ignatius Boulton event is the race against time. If players find it hard to finish the event before the countdown elapses, they will start the Ignatius Boulton event again. So, a helpful tip is for players to carefully monitor their progress by clicking on the bottom right of their screen.

Acquiring the Garden Statue in Merge Mansion is possible by exploring some tricks. One of these easy tricks involves planning to play the Ignatius Boulton event multiple times. During each play, players will merge items up to Bush number 9, then sell them to gather enough coins. Players will then restart the event in another three days.

This trick helps players avoid playing the Ignatius Boulton event for a long stretch. It will equally help players to save time and complete the event with a high level and reward. In addition, players can save enough coins to complete future tasks and events. 

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