How to Use Werewolf Totems in Skyrim

The Werewolf Totems in Skyrim provide you with a multitude of cool features, that will help you throughout your Skyrim playthrough — you can even spawn Ice Wolves! Let’s cover How to Use Werewolf Totems in Skyrim

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How to Use Werewolf Totems in Skyrim

How to Get the Hircine Quest in Skyrim

In order to take the Totems of Hircine quest, you must first be a member of The Companions Guild, and a werewolf. After you’ve completed some quests for Aela, the Totems of Hircine quest will be available. Aela will talk to you about the Totems of Hircine and say she’d like you to join her in retrieving them.

Totems of Hircine is a long quest, that will take you across Skyrim and through dungeons. Once you have a totem Aela will be back at the guild. Fast travel to The Companions, and speak to Aela who will have more animal extermination quests for you.

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Once they’re done, she will give you the second/ third part of the Totems of Hircine quest. Although you can play as a werewolf, these totems allow you to activate abilities that will further enhance your werewolf experience.

Types of Werewolf Totems in Skyrim

Aela Werewolf Quest

The werewolf totems of Skyrim are the:

  • Totem of Brotherhood — which summons two werewolf spirit companions.
  • Totem of the Hunt — which allows you to see targets through walls, basically shows whether a target standing still, searching, or are actively in combat. This is especially useful if you’re playing on harder difficulties.
  • Totem of Fear — which is a howl that scares enemies away for a short period of time.

How to Change Your Howl in Skyrim

To change your howl, head to the Underforge under The Companions base, where you can change your howls through prayer. You are able to change into your werewolf form once per day unless you have the Ring of Hircine which allows you to change as often as you’d like.

Totems of Hircine Werewolf

Unlocking New Werewolf Totems through Leveling Up

As you level up, your beast will unlock various perks — some are passive, and others will only work alongside the howl totem you equip. Such as the Totem of the Predator perk which extends the range of the Totem of the Hunt.

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Werewolf Totem Stratergy

  • Totem of Terror is paired with Totem of Fear which enables you to scare away higher-level enemies.
  • Totem of Brotherhood pairs with Totem of Ice Brothers to summon in Ice Wolves.

Once all these have been upgraded to the Totem of the Moon, you’ll be able to summon two werewolves to fight by your side — how awesome is that!

I hope “How to Use Werewolf Totems in Skyrim” guide has been useful and have learned all about the Totems of Hircine.

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