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[NEW] Here’s the Best Tropico 6 Seeds

This page will take a look at the best Tropico 6 seeds and evaluate which one you should use if you’re planning on starting another playthrough.

Best Seeds

After the March update for Tropico 6, a new feature was added; a random map generator. With this, came a multitude of cool and efficient maps. These were spread around using seeds. Below, we’ve outlined the best Tropico 6 seeds that the Tropico community has found.


Seed: 1727087599

This seed has four main islands. Each one is relatively small, but this gives the player an opportunity to build a trade fleet to transfer goods between the islands.

Unfortunately, each island has at least one large volcano. Speaking from experience here, that’ll probably get in the way. But on the bright side, it’ll look more aesthetically pleasing.

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Unlike other islands on this list, this seed has no main island. A common trend with Tropico 6 maps is to have one large island, with smaller islands surrounding it.

Regarding resources, the site is filthy rich. Players start on the most resource-rich island, having 8 deposits on it alone, including coal, gold, and iron. This is in contrast to the other islands, which don’t have too many deposits. Regarding energy, this seed has five oil deposits and five coal deposits – pretty good.


Seed: 1418480326

Similar to the previous map, this map is made up of four islands. Although a bit disfigured, what makes this map so good is its elevation level. Unlike many other maps, this seed is essentially flat. Making it really easy to build.

We’d suggest you stick to the bottom two islands because their landmass is significantly bigger. When we used this seed, we made the top two islands exclusively for tourism/tourists.

The islands have fairly good resources, having twenty deposits in total. That’s another reason I made the top left island tourist exclusive because it has the fewest resources.


Seed: 1988682159

This seed is made up of two large landmasses, both of which are large—small islands are few. Between the mainlands, there is a large river. When playing around with this map myself, I found that it was best to place a dock on the river coast, rather than facing the sea.

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Construction is easy on this map, being largely flat—however, there are a few rocks. What’s more, it’s made up of many resource deposits. The majority of which is on the right-most island (see the image below).


Seed: 1027426319

My favorite map on this list, this seed has many hills and valleys—with one large landmass at the bottom and one smaller one above it. Although making the construction of buildings and roads difficult, it adds to the overall enjoyment of the experience of playing the game. Just like the first seed, in my playthrough, I used the top island as a tourist destination exclusively—primarily building entertainment buildings and hotels. Moreover, this map is the most resource-rich on this list—having a lot of gold.

Those were the best Tropico 6 seeds we’ve found.

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