Phantom Forces Script Hack (Aimbot, ESP, Knife Aura)

Are you tired of constantly losing in Phantom Forces? Want to take your game to the next level with the ultimate hack? Look no further! This Roblox Script walkthrough will guide you through the easy process of downloading and using a Phantom Forces Script Hack featuring Aimbot, ESP, and No Recoil cheats. Don’t forget to book mark this page now! As we update the Pastebin scripts frequently…

Phantom Forces Script Hack
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What is a Phantom Forces Script?

A script is a piece of code that can be injected into software, which modifies it. Let’s take Roblox, for example; imagine you’re playing Phantom Forces. You’re doing everything right — sticking to the rules. However, you decide to execute a script. Let’s say that you’ve already found a working script; now, all you have to do is inject it.

How to Execute a Phantom Forces Script

I won’t go into detail here, as we’ve made a section dedicated to explaining how to execute Phantom Forces scripts. As the script has been injected and executed, Roblox has now been modified to do anything it says. If you’ve ever seen someone flying in Roblox, that’s because they’ve injected a script that makes them fly. Similarly, if you’ve seen someone use aimbot, that’s because they’ve injected a script that gives them aimbot.

How to Execute a Phantom Forces Script

How to Download a Phantom Forces Executor for Roblox

Yay! If you are reading this part, you have probably found a working script. Now, all you have to do is inject it into Roblox and execute it. By now, I’m sure you can feel the power of aimbot and other cheats at your fingertips! But… Unfortunately, running scripts isn’t like counting to five — it’s a bit difficult, BUT only if you don’t know what you are doing. That’s why we’ve outlined how to execute Phantom Forces scripts in our guide below. 

Before continuing, you will first have to download WinRAR — no matter what script you have, you will need WinRAR for it to work. Begin by clicking here for the downloading link. Assuming that you speak English, disregard the versions for other languages. Instead, click the top-most link called WinRAR x64 (64 bit). Once it’s downloaded, open the file and follow the installing procedures. 

How to Download a Phantom Forces Executor for Roblox


Now you have organized your computer, it’s time to download the executor. First, go to this website (click here) and click the Vega X Download option, which should be the top-most option. Be careful; a new website should appear with the download link. However, there are multiple advertisements placed all around it. The correct download link is below the header Download Vega X For Free, which should say Download Now. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation procedures. By the end, you should be on a screen that says You can get your free copy through the link here:, and below, click the button that says Open. By doing this, you will receive a unique link that must be entered into your search engine’s search bar.

phantom forces esp script

This will begin downloading the actual Vega X file, which should be a WinRAR file or end with .rar. If it doesn’t, right-click on the file and select Open with WinRAR. Once downloaded, extract the file onto your Desktop by opening it and selecting Extract To. On the Desktop, open the extracted Vega X file and open the Vega X application.

How to Use the Executor on Phantom Forces

How to Use the Executor on Phantom Forces

Now you have got the executor, grab a Phantom Forces script from below. Make sure to copy the entirety of the string, then open Phantom Forces on Roblox and Vega X. Once their both open, select the Attach button in Vega X (it has got a syringe icon). Next, paste the Phantom Forces script into the script box and click the Execute button. If you have used the script attached below, a GUI should appear with a list of cheats, which can be enabled or disabled.

Working Phantom Forces Scripts

Here is the working Phantom Forces Pastebin script:

Phantom Forces Script:
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()    

The above script includes a simplistic GUI which a range of features that can be enabled or disabled at any time. 


  • Combat
    • Silent Aim
    • Knife Aura
    • Aimbot
    • Hit Chance
    • FOV
  • Player
    • No Fall Damage
    • Walk Speed
    • JumpPower Boost
    • FullBright
    • Fly
    • Rainbow Gun
  • Esp
    • Enemy Esp
    • Team Esp
    • Boxes
    • Tracers

Wrapping Up

By now, you should be a Phantom Forces script expert. You know what they are and how to execute them. In addition, you have not got an exclusive Phantom Forces script for 2022!

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