Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

This Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide will explain the best Crunchy Cookie toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom. So, if you want to improve your crunchy chip cookie’s performance, continue reading.

Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

The best toppings for your Crunchy Chip Cookie will depend on whether you’re aiming for a tank or crit build. If a tank is what you want, use 5 Solid Almond toppings. If damage is what you want, use 5 Juicy Apple Jelly toppings. We tested both toppings and found that either way worked great.

As for the sub-stats, you’ll have the best results by focusing on ATK and CRIT%. This is because his wolf will continue attacking while he is downed, racking up damage.

  • 5 Solid Almond Toppings (Tank)
  • 5 Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings (Damage)

Here is a list of Crunchy Chip Cookie’s abilities:

Damage (Single Hit)88.8% or 185% (on CRIT) of ATK
Cream Wolf Stats (relative to Crunchy Chip Cookie)70% of ATK stat, 60% of DEF stat, 85% of HP stat.
Tamed Wolf Stats (relative to Crunchy Chip Cookie)103% of ATK stat, 138% of DEF stat, and 230% of HP stat.
Claw MarkRegular attack leaves a claw mark, dealing -25% attack speed (18 seconds) and 217% DMG.
TamerReceive 25% of any buffs that are on your summoned creatures.

Although debated, here is the best Crunchy Chip Cookie team in CRK:

Crunchy Chip Cookie is only good in specific match-ups; when used correctly, you can find great success in PvP matches. He works great as a damage dealer or tank, depending on which toppings you use. As for his damage potential, he works best when paired with the Wildberry cookie; however, some players would rather use Cacao Cookie as an alternative.

The Crunchy Chip Cookie is A Tier because of its damage potential and ability to tank. It’s a great choice for many competitive players; however, the Dark Cacao Cookie is often seen as a better alternative. In the end, whichever cookie you choose depends on your team match-ups.

Follow these steps to get the Crunchy Chip Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Unlock the Cookie Odyssey Story Mode (complete levels 12 to 30).
  2. Once unlocked, new characters are available in Gachas (for 300 Crystals).
  3. Draw a Crunchy Chip Cookie or its soulstone.

This guide covered the best Crunchy Chip Cookie toppings build, explaining everything you need to know about it in CRK.

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