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Oyster Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Originally released as an NPC, Oyster Cookie is now known as the Head of House Oyster with great influence over politics and trading with other Cookies. This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Oyster Cookie.

Oyster Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

The best toppings for Oyster Cookie are 5 Swift Chocolates to help reduce the skill cooldown time. Swift Chocolates can also be combined with Solid Almonds to boost DMG Resistance in addition to reducing skill cooldown time.

Here is a list of toppings builds for Oyster Cookie:

  • 5x Swift Chocolates
  • 3x Swift Chocolates + 2x Solid Almonds
  • 2x Swift Chocolates + 3x Solid Almonds

Oyster Cookie Build Description

Oyster Cookie is a Support Class Cookie situated in the Rear Position on teams. Her skill, Might of House Oyster, summons soldiers with extra DEF that will deal DMG to enemies until their HP is depleted. Additionally, this skill increases the CRIT DMG of herself and nearby allies.

The Might of House Oyster skill has a 17 second cooldown, with a 2 second starting cooldown time. The soldiers’ initial charge at enemies deals 94% DMG. Soldiers have a 0.9% ATK increase proportional to every -1% of cooldown. The CRIT DMG boost is 13% for 17 seconds.

Best Oyster Cookie Team

Here is the best Oyster Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

The best treasure to use with this team is the Seamstress’ Pin Cushion treasure, which will help boost the DPS of all summoned units, such as Oyster Cookie’s summoned soldiers.

Is Oyster Cookie Good?

Oyster Cookie is a useful Cookie but it depends on what team she is on. When paired with other Cookies that have skills that summon units, Oyster Cookie can then combine her skill with them to create powerful waves of summoned units.

Oyster Cookie is a Super Epic Tier Cookie with an S Rank. Currently, there are only 2 Super Epic Cookies available in Cookie Run Kingdom. However, the chance of getting Oyster Cookie from the Gacha is only 0.387%. Players can get Oyster Cookie more reliably from special events instead.

This guide showed the best Oyster toppings build. Tell us your questions or tips on how to use Oyster Cookie in the comments.

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