Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Best Wizard Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

The musings of the Wizard Cookie throughout Cookie Run Kingdom offers players some laughs, but that doesn’t mean he only offers comic relief. This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Wizard Cookie.

What Toppings Go On Wizard Cookie?

The best toppings for Wizard Cookie are 5 Searing Raspberries because they’re able to increase the power of the Wizard’s Cookie’s attack. Wizard’s lightning has the power to hit all opponents in battle, so the stronger it is, the better.

One can also opt for 5 Swift Chocolates if it works out better for their strategy to have a shorter amount of time between attacks. Swift Chocolates aid in decreasing cooldown time between moves. Splitting between Swift Chocolates and Searing Raspberry could also be beneficial.

  • 5 Searing Raspberries (Recommended)
  • 5 Swift Chocolates
  • 3 Searing Raspberries and 2 Swift Chocolates

Wizard Cookie Build Description

Unsurprisingly, Wizard Cookie is a Magic Cookie best suited for the Middle position. Wizard Cookie’s skill is his Magic Storm, throwing damage down upon his enemies after pulling lightning out of the sky and channeling it towards his targets. The lightning has a long lasting impact, shaking up his enemies for up to 13 seconds.

Best Wizard Cookie Team

Here is the best Wizard Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

Is Wizard Cookie Good?

Wizard Cookie is good because he’s able to deliver a lightning storm of damage upon opponents, proving himself a worthy companion for a variety of teams. At one point Wizard Cookie was considered part of the Epic Cookie brigade but was changed to a Common Cookie.

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