Phantom Forces Private Servers (EXPLAINED)

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Phantom Forces private servers. By the end, you’ll be ready to start playing privately with friends.


How Much is a Phantom Forces Private Server?

A Phantom Forces private server costs 250 Robux and can hold 32 participants, which uninvited people can’t join. Players can purchase it from the official Phantom Forces Roblox page under the servers tab. Here, they can buy their own private server or join a friend’s. Alternatively, you can view all the live servers.

How Much is a Phantom Forces Private Server?

How Long Do Phantom Forces Private Servers Last?

Phantom Forces private servers last for one month. And the end of this period, players must pay an additional 250 Robux to extend the server’s duration by another month. Unfortunately, buyers can’t purchase private servers up-front because they work under a recurring billing model.

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Phantom Forces Private Server Commands

Here is a list of commands which server owners can enter into the chat:

  • /hardkick:player – bans a specific player from the server.
  • /kick:player – kicks a specific player from the server.
  • /map:mapname:gamemode – changes the map.
Phantom Forces Private Server Commands

How to Switch Teams in Phantom Forces Private Server?

In Beta versions of Phantom Forces, players could switch teams by typing commands into the chat, which have since been removed. This extends to private servers, as developers don’t want players changing teams at the last second, thus, avoiding getting a loss on their account. The developers have made clear that the switch teams feature will not return.

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How to Change Map in Phantom Forces Private Server?

Players can use commands to change the map on a Phantom Forces private server, unlike public servers. Use the command /map:mapname:gamemode to change maps. Remember to keep the spaces for map names that include them (such as Ravod 911). Custom maps make 1v1 better, as you can choose a more tailored map for fewer players.

How to Change Map in Phantom Forces Private Server?

Can You Get XP in Phantom Forces Private Server

Players don’t get XP on Phantom Forces private servers. Otherwise, players would exploit this and level up remarkably quickly. Your account’s level is entirely separate when you’re on a private server — you start at level 0. The developers added this feature because they thought players would undermine Phantom Force’s leveling system without it.

Here is a list of Phantom Forces private servers, which have been made public by YouTubers and other players:

Copy and paste the above links into your internet browser to redirect to a Phantom Forces private server.


Now that you’ve read the above Phantom Forces Private Server guide, you should know everything there is to know about Phantom Forces!

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